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CRFF Roundtable K-State: Oh Boy

As we start to get into the, "Oh crap," part of the schedule, our team discusses the question, can this team get bowl eligible?

Brett Deering

Last week really did not go so well for the Pokes and this week isn't looking much better. The Snydercats roll into town and the Cowboys are struggling, especially offensively. We talk about why and give ourselves a reality check.

CORY TREECE: "I can't believe we are truly in jeopardy of not making a bowl. I predicted 8 wins to start the year. It's amazing what a depleted line and inexperienced QB can do to a historically great offensive team."

JOSH POTEET: "I threw around the fact that we might not make a bowl as a talking point. It didn't really hit me until last Saturday. I didn't think that not making a bowl was even possible with this much talent."

POKELAHOMA: "Why do we keep saying this much talent though?"

GERALD TRACY III: "You've got guys like Daxx, who can throw a ball pretty darn far, Tyreek, the fastest guy in the country, some receivers who could start on other teams as well. I think the offensive tallent is very much there but can not seem to put it together."

EVAN JONES: "Hill, receiving core, D line are all very talented."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "The fact that missing a bowl game is almost baffling. There's at least enough talent to beat Texas, right? Right??? *drinks more Kool-aid*"

GERALD TRACY: "I think we beat Texas easily. I may be the only one that thinks that,but I do. That and I think our best game is in Norman this year. Last game and a lot of these kids will want to prove they are better than they played."

ROBERT WHETSELL: "This team has more than enough talent, young though it may be Gundy has been paling for next year ever since Walsh's injury."

THOMAS FLEMING: "I hope Jake Jenkins and Travis Cross are enjoying their jobs, because they could have helped prevent this disastrous excuse of an offense."

KING: "Were they the ones who graduated and moved on? If so I give them a pass, as they probably knew they wouldn't go pro and decided it was time to make money. Can't blame someone for not wanting to be broke. Cheerleaders and dance are still attractive."

GUNTER SHARP: "King, Jake Jenkins graduated and decided to work. Travis Cross transferred to Houston."

A short roundtable this week as we brace ourselves for the coming week and what the aftermath might be, but I do have a bonus question for you!

Which helmet did you like more: chrome or throwback?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Go Pokes!