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Iowa State Defensive Preview: Better Than Tech

Last week, the Cowboys struggled at times on offense. Still though, the Cyclone defense has been abysmal at times and could present some opportunities for Daxx Garman and company.

The Iowa State secondary will look to lock down Daxx Garman's opportunities Saturday.
The Iowa State secondary will look to lock down Daxx Garman's opportunities Saturday.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State football is blessed, playing the two worst defenses in the Big 12, at home in consecutive weeks.

The Iowa State Cyclones are allowing over five yards a carry, which is statistically worse than Texas Tech's run defense, but from an overall standpoint, the Cyclones will be a better test. The Cyclones are allowing fewer points than the Red Raiders and that could be trouble for the Cowboys if play calling is the same.

If the Cowboys can expand their offensive play calling, the game should be an easy one for the Pokes. Last week, Daxx Garman heaved several passes into coverage and could have easily been interceptions. Luckily for Garman and his receivers, they will be playing another club that has issues forcing turnovers.

Individually the Cyclones have a defensive lineman that will likely give the sometimes shaky Cowboy offensive line. Cory Morrissey averages just shy of one sack a game, and averages 1.5 tackles for loss per game. Protecting the quarterback will once again be paramount for the Cowboys offensive line, who has done a decent job in pass protection all year.

The Cowboys need to run the ball efficiently, using Tyreek Hill on the edge and even some off tackle and run the bruisers, Desmond Roland and Rennie Childs, up the middle. The Cowboys need to as well use intermediate routes to create more space for deeper routes. Hence why many of the deep routes were heavily covered last week against Tech.

The Cowboys will win this football game, but hopefully will iron out the things that made fans scratch their heads at times.

Final score, 31-14 Cowboys.