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#CRFFBoldPredictions: OSU vs ISU

This weeks round up of the best #CRFFBoldPredictions against that team that we all want to like... But they ruined that forever 3 years ago.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sport

Welp... The potato corn farmers from up north are coming down to try and put a game on in the state of wheat and cattle. 

I can't believe hasn't tried to get some advertising space for this game...

Let us get to it!

Everyone's always gotta take it back to 3.2% beer...

I guess when there is an alcoholic beverage in you name... You get associated with booze... A lot. I wonder what King's twitter handle would be...

I always wonder which series of Lego's accounts for each play call...

I believe the implosion occurs during warmups...

No... I'd just cry.

Yeah... I guess at that point you don't even stop... Just keep pourin'em!

Jump balls... Or "I'll throw it as far as I can and you go get it" balls.


Also... I don't know if anybody saw Wide Right & Natty Lite's "Weekly Troll" for us (here), but it was of a basketball game where ISU rained 3's down on the Cowboys...  I thought that I would help them remember how hard Roland trolled them last year...

On another note... This is amazing... Just amazing.

Thanks again for all your tweets this week!  Be wearing that orange tomorrow! Go to bed early tomorrow or don't go to bed at all and get crazy Saturday morning!