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Watch: Joseph Randle Gets Booked Into Frisco City Jail

"Hey, is this going to be on the news? you think?" Randle asked while on the phone with his agent during processing. Yes, yes it is. When you're a famous athlete and act a fool, it's almost always going to make TV. Even if the shenanigans take place inside a city jail.

"Take a good picture. I'm not about to look like I'm a criminal on this, uh, mugshot." Joseph Randle said as he was being booked into the Frisco City Jail after being arrested.

You might think that allegedly being caught stealing a pair of underwear and some cologne from a local Dillards would be the most embarrassing part of the evening for Randle. You would be wrong.

"How my mugshot look?"

One might think that standing before the camera as your mugshot is snapped, having your fingerprints taken, and watching all your personal belongings get bagged up, might be a pretty good indication that perhaps you should be taking the situation seriously. Not Randle, though.

"Hey, what's the name of this place?"

Jail buddy. You're in jail.

At one point Randle even propositions the person behind the counter.

"If I give you a $100 can you give me a massage?"

Stop Talking

Randle wasn't done yet, though. In the most palm-to-face moment of the evening.

"Josh Brent, he's still up in the locker room. He was driving drunk. That was stupid."

Face Palm

I'm sure his teammates appreciate him looking out...

The video from CBS DFW concludes with Randle again expressing concern over his mugshot.

"How come y'all don't have the height and weight on there like you normally do?"

Uh... normally do? Anyway, the officer's response was perfect,

"This is not a damn trading card."