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Beat The Bookie: Handicapping College Football - Week 6

The CRFF staff competes to see who's the better college football handicapper.

Brett Deering

Several members of the Cowboys Ride For Free staff claim to be the better college football handicapper. It's high time we find out who can back it up. Over the rest of the season we will each be making five picks a week. There are two basic rules: we much make a pick on the Oklahoma State game if its available, and we must nominate one pick as our lockLock Of The Week of the week.

We will keep a record as we go in order to determine the best handicapper at CRFF! Think you can beat us? (You probably can) Give us your picks in the comments.

Let's get to it!

Of all the games to choose from this week it's amazing that most of us targeted the same games. ECU was an extremely popular pick, along with Texas A&M. Should be a great week of college football.

SMU at East Carolina ECU -41
Well I don't like that everyone is taking this game, but I just can't ignore how bad SMU is. This is probably bait I should stay away from, but I'll go ahead and see if I can rob the trap.
Baylor at Texas Baylor Lock Of The Week -16.5
Is Texas down to having guys play both ways yet? Are we even sure they can field a team. Art Briles has been going for it on fourth downs and running up the score against everyone this season. I can only image what carnage he has planned for the Longhorns. I could probably lay twice as many points in this and feel good about it.
Nebraska at Michigan State Nebraska +7
The Cornhuskers are undefeated and have one of the best players in college football in Ameer Abdullah. I expect this game to come down to the wire. I would recommend buying a half point if you can, but I'm still okay with getting 7.
Marshall at Old Dominion Marshall -18
The Thundering Herd has barrelled through everyone they've played. They're winning their games by an average of 29.25 points. Old Dominion has played well, but they're about to get trampled.
Iowa State vs Oklahoma State OSU -17
Gundy's never lost to the Cyclones in Stillwater, and when he's beat ISU, it's big. By an average of 30 points. The closest margin of victory in a win under Gundy is 21 points. Not saying the Cyclones can’t keep it close, but I'm taking OSU and giving the 17 points.
Ohio State at Maryland tOSU -7
B1G football... Amiright? Tough call here, but I don't think Under Armor can make a helmet ugly enough to help them win this one. Buckeye's do work.
SMU at East Carolina Over 58.5
The poor Methodists are happy they're a pro-alcohol denomination, because they're season is the worst. If the Pirates don't swab the decks of defecating horses tomorrow, they should be ashamed.
Texas A&M at Mississippi State A&M +2.5
This is my least confident pick of the week. I try not to make a habit of picking games that are under a field goal, but Kevin Sumlin is too good of a coach and Kenny Hill is another annoying QB who always makes things happen... After that win last week, it's hard for me to bet against 'em.
South Carolina at Kentucky S Carolina Lock Of The Week -4
I know SC got whomped by A&M earlier this year and are probably still reeling... But they're playing a school who believes football is the season that is a filler... Because basketball is king... You know... Like Kansas and Duke. They don't win football games. Game Cocks win a legal cock fight convincingly.
Iowa State at Oklahoma State Over 65.5
I never bet on my Cowboys because I tend to be emotional about it... But they have been on the Over every game this year... Except UTSA where they pushed (I believe)... So I'm going with logic here, not my heart, and taking the Pokes with a continued anger punch from 2011 and a big win.
Texas A&M at Mississippi State A&M +2.5
TA&M is averaging almost 10 points a game more than MSU, and it's not like the Bulldogs' non-conference schedule was full of toughies. The Aggies are riding Kenny Football with the third-highest scoring offense in the country; State will need a lot more than cowbells to disrupt A&M - I say the Aggies win it.
SMU at East Carolina ECU Lock Of The Week -41
The Pony Express has lost by an average of 48 points in their last four games. They're coming in as a huge underdog versus a team that is 7th in the nation in YPG. Can the Mustangs compete against their scout team? Maybe. Against a top-10 passing offense? Sorry, not happenin’. How could this not be my lock of the week? Pirates cover easily.
Idaho at Texas State Over 67
Both of these teams can score but don't have great defenses. A 67 over is a high number of points, but I'm gonna take it. Even if I don't get this one, you wouldn't know since no one will be watching this game - I call over.
Oklahoma at TCU OU -4
Will someone please tell me why on God's green earth this line is 4? Why is TCU ranked? It sure wasn’t because of a signature win this season. A "W" against Minnesota? Please. Even so, this is a win-win for me. If the Sooners lose, it's gonna be a real quiet week in OKC. Just don't bring back any Ebola - the boys in crimson cover.
Iowa State at Oklahoma State OSU -17
As inconsistent as the Pokes' offense has been, they've still put up a decent amount of points each game. While all three of the Cyclones' losses have been to formidable opponents, I still don't see anything that says that they're better than a 1-3 record. Still, with Gundy and Yurcich, I wouldn't be surprised if ISU pulls a backdoor cover in garbage time; let’s just hope they don't - OSU covers.
SMU at East Carolina ECU Lock Of The Week -41
The surging Pirates vs. the floundering Ponies? Aye, this game be a bloodbath.
Kansas at West Virginia WVU -27.5
The Jayhawks finally rid themselves of a coach they will still be paying for years to come. But, that'll make no difference when they meet up with Dana and Co. 'Eers easily roll in this one.
South Carolina at Kentucky S Carolina -4
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The once stout Gamecocks now seem flaccid and incongruent. However, they return to the winner's column when they take on the SEC's not-football school.
Texas A&M at Mississippi State MSU -2.5
How is this not a prime time game? Seriously, this battle of the Maroon-clad fans deserves more than the early ESPN slot. I expect it to be one hell of a football game, but the Cowbells will narrowly prevail.
Iowa State at Oklahoma State OSU -17
Why isn't this my lock of the week, you may ask? I mean, the Pokes should decimate the Cyclones, so why aren't I very confident? Because Friday nights in 2011 still haunt my dreams. I don't care what anyone says, that FG was good.... Alas, I still believe the Cowboys take care of business behind Air Garman.
SMU at East Carolina ECU -41
This SMU team should get a death penalty for sucking so bad. Eastern Carolina runs away with this one.
Kansas at West Virginia WVU Lock Of The Week -27.5
New coach, same ole' stuff. KU gets swept up by WVU because they're still mad about OU. This is my LOCK.
South Carolina at Kentucky S Carolina -4
South Carolina wins, and acts like they won a natty. No one cares.
Texas A&M at Mississippi State TAMU +2.5
TAMU would never have had a prime time game had they stayed in the Big 12. I'm taking TAMU in this one, by 14+.
Iowa State at Oklahoma State OSU -17
TAMU would never have had a prime time game had they stayed in the Big 12. I'm taking TAMU in this one, by 14+.