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Picks From Joes: Running Late Edition

The two words every man fears hearing: I'm late.

What a beautiful sight.
What a beautiful sight.
Brett Deering

What happens when a frac pump goes down and you have tubing damage at the same time? King is late with the article, that's what. This'll be quick and dirty, hold on.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State: Fall colors are on full display as the red and gold take on the orange and black in Stillwater. The Clones are hoping to lose by less than 20, but Daxx is looking to earn some snacks so I think it'll get ugly early. On the other hand I'm going to party with some WRNL'ers after the game, so win or lose I'll booze. Wish my liver luck, Pokes win 42-24.

Baylor at Texas: In the battle between cows and bears, I believe the cows are about 0-500. Luckily this a battle between people, specifically jerk ass Texans, but that won't help the Longhorns much. Bears roll 45-14.

Oklahoma at Texas Christian: The frogs have the hookup, and the goons are looking to score, so neither teams fans may actually make it into the game. In what is probably the first upset I'm calling for this year, Frogs win 34-30.

Kansas at West Virginia: Let's pour out some 40 for the fat jokes I can't make about Kansas anymore. Thank God for Mark Mangino. Oh and the 'neers win 35-28.

Texas Tech at Kansas State: I really want to crack jokes but I've gotta get back to work, Tech wins 35-34 (if Webb is healthy, if not reverse that score.)

Go Pokes, get drunk early for the King