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Oklahoma State vs Iowa State, As Told By Cyclone Fans

In one of the funniest editions of As Told By The Fans, Cyclone Nation has a bone to pick with the Big 12 referees. This is going to be good, you don't want to miss it!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State couldn't have asked for a better start to the game. Heartbreak is inevitable for Cyclone fans though, and with just a few seconds left in the first half the game got turned on it's head. Iowa State forgot how kickoffs work, and decided not to field the ball in what ended up being a 50-something-yard onside kick. All of a sudden the Pokes had fantastic field position, but only a little bit of time remained on the clock in the 1st half. OSU moved the ball down to the goal line, but was stopped short as the clock reached double zeros. Disaster avoided for the Cyclones.

Or was it? Upon official review it was determined that Desmond Roland had crossed the goal line despite any visual evidence needed to overturn the call. Touchdown Cowboys! For the second week in a row the Pokes somehow found themselves leading going into the locker room after being dominated for the majority of the half.

Maybe it's just karmic justice for this

Or this

Or maybe the Big 12 refs just owed the Cowboys one.

Or two.

Not Goal Tending

Or three.

Or maybe, and much more likely, the Big 12 refs just don't have a clue to what their doing. Either way though, I get the feeling Iowa State fans don't like them much.

Here's how the game unfolded for the Cyclone fans on Wide Right & Natty Light: There's lots of uh... anger.


[OSU's] jersey colors and combos are by far my favorite in the NCAA. Today's jersey may be my favorite of all time. Those white helmets are absolutely gorgeous.

We're gonna win!!!

Looks like half the stadium's empty.


I like the slant call there. Very good coverage.

Keep dropping like flies Cowboys.

Good blitz call. Perfect timing. Great coverage downfield. Needed that three and out.

We have to do it more today. You cannot give them time to throw the deep ball.

Ugh, short yardage running sucks up the middle still.

Defensive holding much??? Good god Big 12 refs, f***ing call it.

Ohhh Big 12 Refs. Nice to see you haven't changed at all.

Missed call so bad the announcers laugh, because, you know, Iowa State.

I'm terrified that this means they won't call that all day.

Other than the soft coverage on the outside. Defense doing well so far.



Yes - we have two Sam Richardson's. Yes - they're both good.

Can't throw that short pass so hard, float it a little over the defender.

Cosmo Kramer with a nice pooch punt.

On the road as an underdog, gotta take advantage of those turnovers. Sigh. Sam pretty obviously not wanting to take off, its good overall but at least on the 4th attempt he had it easily.

Good job D.

Running the ball. We suck so bad.

Our passing sucks too, but we rock the broken play scramble.

Grind out those 1st downs, boys.

We have a fullback? What?

Brando is not good at seeing where the play actually ends up being down.

Brando stop being so drunk.

Ouch. Hope Sammy is OK, that looked painful.

Well, f***.


Well, we are leading.

Was that 3sus?

I cannot wait until Basketball season.

People who get married in the fall are a**holes.

He got burned a little, but you have to like the play by Richardson.

Way to go Big 12 refs. F*** you.

Oh f*** that. The guy stumbles and it's PI.

That's a f*** you sack. I like it.

Holy s***, pressure and a sack!

Pick #2!!!


I love this OSU team!

YES!!!! Now, a score would be fucking GREAT YOU GUYS!

HOLY F***ING S***!!!


Calling out the fans again.

Money can't buy fans or something.

The empty seats are beating Okla. St.

Look at all those empty seats.

They assume OSU is already up by eleventy billion points, remember. Wonder if those CRFF a**holes are enjoying this.

Well s***.

Ugh we suck so bad at short yardage.

Sam, you ain't that fast, bro.

3 more points.

Our kicking doesn't suck. That's a positive.

In the old days, I'd see 6 points and assume we had scored a TD and botched the PAT.

Field goals can beat them if they keep stepping on their d***.

"And it's clear that the road team showed up on time today"

OK turn off the prevent defense.

You have to keep them in front of you. The QB is not great in the 15-20 yard throws.

F*** that. No catch.

So you can catch the ball with the ground... Good work.

We all know how this will turn out.

Well at least we didn't have to burn a timeout. F***.

F*** you Big 12 refs.

Good Job Defense. Way to stuff them.

OSU should know by now that they can't win a battle of 3's against us.

Gotta catch that Daley.

Ugh that was a great 2nd down play.

Baylor fan here. We're pullin' for you guys! Stick it to Okie Lite!

"Refuses to go down" Come on, man, treat her right.

Gotta catch that pass.

Damn... Can we just play special teams all day?

That's a horse s*** call as well.

WTF. That was f***ing weak.

Please tell me we don't just run it up the middle twice to end the half.

Oh f*** that.


Why do I fall for this s***?

We deserve to lose just because of that. Seriously, f*** us.

I'll be the guy in the corner drinking.

Like Clockwork.... We wet the bed at the end of the half. Is it too much to ask to have ONE decent half of football without shooting ourselves in the foot on the way into the locker room?


Wow! Nice stand there D!

WOW. We ain't dead yet!

Huge defense!!

Thanks for the bail money OK-State.

If they give them any time I will be super f***ing pissed.... Or if they five them the TD.

Wait for it.... You all know how this could go.

I would hate that play call if I were an OSU fan.



I f***ing quit. That was terrible.

Well f*** us, f*** the refs, f*** everything. We frankly did deserve that after that fucking kickoff. But I would think the refs would put at least a few seconds back on the clock since it only ran out because it was initially short.

Just ISU things.

Oh F*** YOU BIG 12 REFS. F*** YOU, F*** YOU, F*** YOU

Another apology letter for our wall.

Big 12 Refs in da house!!!

BRB, I gotta go find my cactus.

That is such bulls***. There is no objective way you can say that was enough evidence either way to overturn.

Make room on the big 12 apology wall.

We got f***ed. 100% f***ed. F*** you B12 refs.

I think you meant to say... We GET f***ed. Don't think this is ending anytime soon...

At least we don't have to wait 3 days for the Big 12 statement.

The only thing getting me through all of these horribly blown calls... is the sweet, sweet basketball karma.

We s*** the bed on that kick off let's not forget that.

How in the fuck can that possibly be a TD?

Let @Big12Refs enlighten you.

Beautiful nut punch to end the half

Okie St. comes out to score after half to go up 20-6. You just wait.

HALFTIME (Oklahoma State 13 - Iowa State 6)

I don't even want to watch the 2nd half. We all know what's going to happen. It's the football equivalent of taking a hot bath and cutting your wrists and bleeding out.

Of course that fucking happens.

Well, that was a fun game to watch.

11 seconds, two touchdowns. Whatevs.

Doesn't shock me. It's clear we're not going to be allowed to win.

On kickoffs. I don't think we should kick it to the world's fastest human.

Ok, well I'm done watching the game.

Unless this isn't a fumble.

Well I guess I can watch a little more.

Holy Balls what a catch by Bibbs!

I smell regret. Make up calls everywhere.

That was a huge catch. Damn.

F***. F*** it all.

Son of a B****. Tit ass f*** piss S***.

If OSU figures out how to score 7's in basketball, we're screwed.

Sam Richardson is going to be in multiple pieces at this rate.

Someone just got lit up. Big time.

Pick it up? How can one team get fucked this many times?

....and that's another $25k "donation" by T. Boone Pickens.

Has Sam ever connected on a deep ball?

Maybe conference realignment wouldn't have been such a bad thing. At least we wouldn't have to get f***ed by #big12refs every week.

Awesome punt there guys. Why don't you just head to the locker room now?

F*** you Paul Rhoads for letting everyone know that we aren't gonna try anymore. 4 and 1 with 7 min left. Do f***ing something.

I'm tired of us laying down after we don't get a call. I get it, Big 12 refs are asinine, but Jesus we were down 7 at half.

Junk time TD... Again...

In football the bad calls merely shine a bright light on our lack of talent. In basketball we usually power right through the bad calls.

FINAL (Oklahoma State 37 - Iowa State 20)

Well, this is... something.

Oh, he had more than strong words.