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Big 12 Rankings According to CRFF

The staff brings you the first edition of their Big 12 rankings

Brett Deering

Most fans probably remember the days UT would win 10 plus games and fight with OU on who will be number one, which was last done in 2009. Things have changed now that they're in the bottom four of the conference and fighting with Tech and Iowa State on who will be Kansas's neighbor by the end of the year.

While one of the countries more traditional power houses continues to struggle, TCU beat a thought to be national title contender in OU. This 'upset' and more brought upon a lot of changes in not just the conference, but in the country as well.

With this we at CRFF would like to introduce you to our Big 12 rankings. We took our staffs rankings, used some insanely difficult math and came up with this crazy thing.

Here are our rankings:

1 Baylor (8) 97
2 TCU (2) 89
3 Oklahoma 81
4 Oklahoma State 68
5 Kansas State 65
6 West Virginia 48
7 Texas 39
8 Iowa State 27
9 Texas Tech 26
10 Kansas 10

What do you, the fans, think of this? Should Tech be behind ISU and is OSU really better than KSU? Does TCU pose as a legitimate threat for the Big 12 Championship?