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Oklahoma State vs Iowa State Player of the Game Results

After the game against Iowa State we asked you who the Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game should be. After a couple of days voting, you all have voted for...

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


For the first time, we have a tie in the Player of the Game poll!

Special Teams and Furman both garnered 47% of votes! Desmond Roland was a distant runner up, receiving 7% of the votes.

I would've selected Special Teams. Iowa State came into the game with one of the best Special Teams in the country and Oklahoma state showed up to play by recovering an onside kick, returning a kickoff for a touchdown, amassing hundreds of return yards, and making three field goals.

This being said, I think Josh Furman is equally deserving and fans did too. Furman stepped up huge on defense by recording ten tackles, two tackles for a loss, and two sacks in the Cowboy's win.

Although Roland scored two touchdowns, he didn't cover enough yards on the ground to gain the attention of voters.

Once again, I asked some media members on Twitter for their opinion. Be sure to give them a follow to keep up with the Big 12 and Oklahoma State.

Kyle Fredrickson (@kylefredrickson) at the Oklahoman voted for Josh Furman.

Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) at ESPN voted for Tyreek Hill and his kickoff return.

Be sure to drop by next Sunday to vote for the Player of the Game after the Cowboys try to go 5-1 by beating the Kansas Jayhawks.

Go Pokes!