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It's about 2 months to Bedlam, and King is already trolling OU. Not that they give a crap about our Power Poll.

Tom Pennington

Point of clarification...we call this "week 6" because we are using the results from week 6 as the fodder for our results. When we start basing this off of the future, it will become week 7. We will also be clairvoyant at that point, therefore will have the lottery numbers. We'll be doing this from our island in a constant state of inebriation.

It's also obvious that we both have lost interest in the bottom of the league.

On to the degradation....


1. TCU

NOT looking forward to that road trip.

2. OU

Still looked pretty tough. Still looked better than Waco Willy. My next question...will the Longhorns cross the 50 next week?

3. Baylor

You wanna move up? Play somebody. Oh, right, that's gonna happen this week.

4. OSU

I don't care, you get to live here until you travel to Ft Worth.

5. Kansas State

Will probably fair pretty well against the bye week.

6. West Virginia

Two losses to top ten teams, but still WAY better than the rest.

How the hell do I even rank the rest of these? Oh, I've got this...

Receiving votes...Iowa State (1), Texas Tech (1), Texas (1)

Not receiving votes...Kansas


1: Texas Christian:

Welcome to to Mountain top, purple horney frogs. Also next time try to beat the goons in more soul crushing fashion, like a last second kickoff return or something. God knows we won't.

2: Baylor:

Bebe's kids made me ponder the question: Is it worse to only score 6 in the first half against ISU or 7 against Texas?

3: Kansas State:

Did they even play this weekend?

4: Oklahoma State:

2-0 in the conference, which is more than everyone below can say.

5: Oklahoma:

Called it. Also how bout that "NFL sized" offensive line. It was offensive.

6: West Virginia:

Still think they're a pretty good team, but there were no couches burned so far this season, so I'll keep em down a few spots until they cover one in Everclear and start a lazy boy fire.

7: Texas Tech:

See Kansas State, but lower ranked.

8: Iowa State:

To rank 8-10 I'm going alphabetically.

9: Kansas:

Fired your coach, should have fired your team.

10: Texas:

Howdy y'all.