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Kansas Defensive Preview: Yes, it exists.

The Cowboys travel to Lawrence to face the Jayhawks. Let's just hope a storm doesn't delay this game like last time.

His name is Rush. How fitting.
His name is Rush. How fitting.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State is undefeated in conference play, and next up are the Jayhawks of Kansas. Once again, Late Night at the Phog will be the evening before this year's contest, so most fans are probably already in basketball mode. Nonetheless,  football is to be played on Saturday, and the KU defense will be looking to stop Air Garman.

The Rock Chalk-ing defense is lead by six foot, 230 lbs LB Ben Heeney, who has so far accumulated 49 tackles, including 6.5 tackles for loss. He is joined by Jake Love, who, with 27 tackles (5.0 TFL), is full of anything but, and Isaiah Johnson, 32 tackles, one INT.

The Jayhawk defense as a whole has acquired five takeaways for 101 yards. They have also caused nine fumbles, gathering up five of those (a Big 12 high). However,  whichever plan of attack the Cowboys choose, success can be easily attained. The KU D allows an average of 184.4 yards on the ground and 235 in the air.

I'm not going to to be completely assured on an OSU victory.  The Pokes nearly laid a Jayhawk sized egg in 2012, in which the seemingly-endless 79 minute storm delay did not help matters. (Side note: The band played songs the entire delay under the bleachers.  Bless you, Cowboy Marching Band, for saving my sanity and keeping everyone entertained.  You tha real MVP.)

That being said, if the Cowboys take care of business,  they will return to Stillwater victorious and the streak vs. Kansas intact. Let's just all be glad that goaltending in football does not exist.