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BUY OR SELL? Oklahoma State Will Compete For A National Title Within Two Years

Cowboy fans, we want to know what you think! In today's edition of "Buy or Sell" we pose whether or not Oklahoma State can make a run for a National Championship within the next two seasons.

Brett Deering

There is no shortage of articles written about the youth on the Oklahoma State roster. Even Gundy makes mention of how many freshmen were on the field at one time just about every week. Despite the "rebuilding" year though, we're nearly halfway through the season, and the Cowboys are ranked 16th in the country.

Players like Daxx Garman, Emmanuel Ogbah, Marcell Ateman, Jhajaun Seales, and Tyreek Hill give Cowboy fans plenty to be excited about. They'll only get better with time too.

It's not all good news for Oklahoma State though. The Pokes have yet to hit the meat of their schedule, and even though they're on a 4 game win streak, there have been times where they've just looked bad. The offensive line is a work in progress, and a glaring weakness for this team. Going into the season 8 wins looked to be the target, and I'm not sure that's changed.

Inconsistent play, and lack of depth will continue to be a concern all season, but what about next season, and the season after that? A lot of things have to go right to make a run at the top, so we ask you...

BUY OR SELL? Oklahoma State will compete for a National Championship within the next two seasons.