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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State vs. Kansas

Make your predictions for the OSU vs. Kansas football game!

He's already shellshocked
He's already shellshocked
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas after ISU? What an awful part of the schedule. I guess it's good to get these two games out of the way because every other game is pretty intriguing. But man, I'm struggling to care. This game is going to be an absolute snoozefest. Hopefully, there are some good games on TV this week.

So let's slog our way through this weeks predictions.

1. Final score?

2. Who has more receiving yards? Tyreek or Glidden?

3. Average yards per catch O/U 18?

4. How many turnovers will OSU force?

5. Who will be Daxx's favorite receiver? Give stats.

6. Most notable upset in CFB on Saturday?

7. Who wins? TCU or Baylor? Give the score.

8. Number of Roland rushing TD's?

9. Who gets mentioned more? Bill Self or Charlie Weis?

10. Longest Ben Grogan made FG?


Will Admon Gilder commit to OSU basketball next week?

Go Pokes!