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Beat The Bookie: This Is Not Going Well

Will any of us get above .500 this season? About the only thing anyone could bet on is just how spectacularly bad we are at this.

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Five weeks ago we decided to find out who the best handicapper is at CRFF. The first couple of weeks weren't so great. In fact they were terrible. Things started to turn around the week before last though, as most everyone did pretty well. So how did we do last week? This is just not our year. Here's the results:

Week 9 Results
Rank Player lock Record
1 Josh Poteet Won 2-2-1
2 Nick Tyler Lost 2-2-1
3 Thomas Fleming Won 2-3-0
4 Derek Hatridge Push 1-2-2
5 Evan Jones Lost 1-3-1
6 Chris Ross Won 1-4-0


Wow. We couldn't do worse at this than if we googled all our picks using a keyboard made of Legos. Here's the full rankings:

1 Cory Treece 4-1 .800 1-0-0 1.000
2 Nick Lozanovski 2-2-1 .500 0-1-0 .000
3 Evan Jones 9-10-1 .475 2-2-0 .500
4 Derek Hatridge 8-9-3 .475 1-2-1 .375
5 Chris Ross 7-12-1 .375 3-1-0 .750
6 Nick Tyler 5-9-1 .367 1-2-0 .333
7 Josh Poteet 3-6-1 .350 1-1-0 .500
8 Thomas Fleming 6-13-1 .325 2-2-0 .500
9 Gerald Tracy 4-10-1 .300 1-2-0 .333


Here's our picks for this week. I think you know what to do. At this point, if you aren't betting your house on Temple, I don't know what you're waiting on. Be sure to share your picks this week in the comments!

Central Florida at Connecticut UCF -10.5
This isn't last year's UCF team, but that doesn't matter because UConn is awful. The Huskies have kept some games close, but have eked out just one win on the season. I'm expecting UCF to win by a couple of touchdowns here.
Boston College at Virginia Tech BC +3.5
I would take Boston College on the money line, so I definitely don't mind getting 3.5. Virginia Tech managed to surprise Ohio State in week 2, but they've not done much since. Eagles pull out a win on the road. Speaking of Ohio State, be leary of the Buckeyes this week. I couldn't pull the trigger on Illinois, but tOSU is coming off a double overtime win, and has #8 Michigan State on deck. That's a bad spot.
Duke at Pittsburgh Duke +3.5
Why didn't I take Duke last week? I liked the pick, thought about it, but didn't make the pick. I'm not making that mistake again. I hate picking a road underdog, and this is the second one this week, but I like the Blue Devils to win this one.
Florida at Georgia Georgia -11
What is going on here? How are the Bulldogs not favored by twice this much? Even without Todd Gurley, the Dawgs run over the Gators. I just don't see this game being very close.
Oklahoma State at Kansas State KSU Lock Of The Week -12
Sigh. I'm done. I thought the Cowboys would rise to the challenge in Fort Worth. Then I thought they would get it together at home, especially on homecoming. Both times I was wrong. At least this way I don't mind losing the pick.

Purdue at Nebraska Purdue +23.5
Purdue isn't exactly a powerhouse, but they score enough to usually prevent the other team from covering. Hopefully they do the same thing here.
Oklahoma at Iowa State OU Lock Of The Week -16.5
Cyclone nation has been hardcore trolling OU fans this past week. Don't get me wrong, I encourage all trolling towards the Sooners, but when you're 2-5, you should keep quiet. OU covers in Ames.
East Carolina at Temple ECU -7.5
East Carolina is trying to make their case as an underrated team as they prepare to play a struggling Temple squad. They seem to find a way to win consistently, and I don't know how a team like Temple would change that. Impossible? No. Unlikely? Yes.
Notre Dame at Navy Notre Dame -14
Why is this line only 14? Navy doesn't exactly have a huge home field advantage with a whopping 34,000 capacity stadium. The Midshipmen keep games close, but they haven't played a team as well-rounded as the Irish.
Oklahoma State at Kansas State Under 51.5
OSU's offense is bad. Really bad. Excruciatingly bad. That is all.

East Carolina at Temple ECU -7.5
Temple isn't a terrible football, but they'll play like a terrible team on Saturday. East Carolina is having a fantastic season and I expect them to earn their 7th win in a blowout this weekend.
Kansas at Baylor KU +35.5
No way in hell does KU win this game. But I'm picking them to lose by less than 35. That'd 5 TD's and I don't think Baylor is 5 TD's better than anyone in this conference. I'm probably wrong but have ties to KU so they better not let me down.
Auburn at Mississippi AU +2
I still think that Ole Miss is overrated. Auburn, however, is not. I think Auburn wins the national title. If they're going to do that then they have to win on Saturday. I'll take Auburn over Ole Miss in a minor upset.
Illinois at Ohio State tOSU Lock Of The Week -28.5
Illinois isn't a good football team. They got lucky last weekend against Minnesota. Ohio State is a very good football team. This pick seems easy despite the huge spread.
Oklahoma State at Kansas State KSU -12
At the start of the season I probably would've taken OSU in this game. OH HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Unfortunately, I think that OSU is going to get massacred this weekend. It could/should be worse than the TCU game a few weekends ago. This team has not given me any reason to pick them against any team in the conference.

Kansas at Baylor Baylor Lock Of The Week -35.5
Can the line even be high enough? Baylor mails the chickens.
Oklahoma at Iowa State OU -16.5
Iowa State always surprises somebody every year, but I think they've done that already with Texas. Gooners roll.
Texas at Texas Tech Texas -15.5
Another match up of 2 teams who aren't very good. But Texas is less not very good than Tech. Charlie strong kicks a few more guys off the team and Texas wins.
TCU at West Virginia TCU -4
Who would have ever thought this would be a GameDay match up? Seriously though... I can't imagine the stock pile of couches that WV is making in hopes of a win. Sadly, there will be thousands of drunk and scary Hill folk as the Horned Frogs get the better of the Mountaineers.
Oklahoma State at Kansas State KSU -12
Here's my theory guys. I've picked OSU every week, even when I thought they wouldn't cover. This week I'm doing the opposite is hopes I'm terribly wrong. KState covers... Here's hoping!
Duke at Pittsburgh Duke +3.5
Duke goes on the road to a not so tough environment at PITT and wins 24-17. PITT has been careless with the ball in recent weeks, and Duke has been relatively consistent gimme the Dukies outright.
Texas at Texas Tech Tech +15.5
Texas hasn't been good enough on offense to cover such a big spread, especially a week after getting blanked by K-State. This is my least confident pick as Tech has continued to implode, but Texas has looked equally as bad but gets the W 31-17 as Tech Covers.
Virginia at Georgia Tech GT Lock Of The Week -4
Georgia Tech controls the ball against a much improved Virginia team, but wins by a comfortable 10 points, 38-28. This is my lock of the Week because it is difficult for an inexperienced team to prepare for the option.
Illinois at Ohio State tOSU -28.5
The Illini had a big win last week, but here come J.T. Barrett and the Buckeyes ready to roll. Ohio State needs to roll through the schedule for any playoff hopes, and an Illinois team who doesn't know how to handle success that is without Wes Lunt is a deer in the headlights this week. Ohio State rolls 45-14.
Oklahoma State at Kansas State OSU +12
I really think Oklahoma State rebounds here. Despite the blowouts in recent weeks, the run game has been improved and will prove valuable in a hostile environment with a 7pm kick. I won't pick the pokes outright, so I'll take K-State 37-27

East Carolina at Temple ECU -7.5
No commentary, just mayhem. Pirates win.
Air Force at Army AF -3
First, let me thank all our armed forces for everything they do. You guys and gals are awesome. As for the game? The airmen take flight, win the game.
Kansas at Baylor Baylor Lock Of The Week -35.5
The Bears are going to have Jayhawk for dinner.
Auburn at Mississippi Ole Miss -2
The Rebs are down after losing in the bayou. They're not going to make it two weeks in a row. Home crowd pushes Ole Miss to victory.
Oklahoma State at Kansas State KSU -12
I said it once, but I'll say it again: Tyler Lockett is a baaaaaaad man. I just don't think the Pokes can keep him shut down all day (although Peterson did great vs. WVU's White). In any case, I think the Wildcats take this one.

Maryland at Penn State PSU -3.5
PSU played well in the loss to Ohio St. They should be able to pull this one off versus the Terrapins.
Stanford at Oregon Oregon -8
Oregon has looked great besides their loss to Arizona. The Cardinal D can't contain Mariota.
Indiana at Michigan Indiana +7
My plan should be to always pick against Michigan. They're really bad. No better way to put it.
TCU at West Virginia TCU Lock Of The Week -4
Yes this game is in Morgantown but WVU didn't look all that great last week versus OSU. TCU is the real deal and will come out this weekend looking to prove it.
Oklahoma State at Kansas State KSU -12
The Pokes are struggling right now and I don't think that will change versus one of the best coached teams in the country.