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A lot of things shook out this past weekend, and none of it was good for Oklahoma State.

Brett Deering

Time for a trip down a path that none of us really wants to go down...


1. TCU

Unless you mess up, you get to hang out here forever, because heaven knows I'm not going to put the next team here unless I absolutely have to.

2. Baylor

You were ok with cheap shots before. I may not like OU, but I'm not ok with this...

You guys suck. You won't get my vote for #1. Ever.

3. Kansas State

So that's all it takes? All we have to do is wear purple and we get to kick your ass?

4. Oklahoma

Bedlam won't mean shit this year, which means we'll probably get lit up, unless of course you've mailed it in worse than Gundy.

5. Texas

Great. Just fucking great.

6. West Virginia

Turns out Texas is better than Bama?

7. Oklahoma State

Great. Just fucking great. Oh, and how about that game we played against Florida State?

8. Texas Tech

I've actually forgotten that you're playing football this season.

9. Kansas

Goalposts. You tore down the goalposts. For beating Iowa State.

10. Iowa State

You're gonna have a new coach to go with that new stadium.


1: TCU

The frogs really need Baylor to lose. I don't know who can beat them, but I'm pretty sure it won't be us.

2: Baylor

In the driver's seat for a second straight big 12 championship. I just vomited a little.

3: KSU

Well, that's how you piss down your leg.

4: Texas

Sadly, the stronghorns are putting it together.

5: OU

The goons weren't just beat, they were made to like it.

6: WVU

So the season crashed pretty quick didn't it....

7: OSU

But not as fast as ours did.

8: Tech

Just a dumpster fire this season.

9: Kansas

Legitimately not last anymore.

10: ISU

How did you beat Iowa and get worse every game after?