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CRFF Roundtable: Les the NES

This weeks CRFF Roundtable is one for the ages. OSU football has driven us to talk about video games. We also get some great Bob Stoops vs. Mike Gundy conversation.

Chris Graythen

OSU faces Texas this week in the Battle of Bowl Eligibility. I feel like this game deserves its own trophy. We're opening up suggestions. If OSU doesn't win this week the program faces the grim reality of no bowl game for the first time in a while.

ME: "Do we even compete this weekend?"

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Depends on your definition of compete. I think it'll be close the first half, but what happens after halftime will determine the winner (and hopefully without any goal line fumble shenanigans)."

ROBERT WHETSELL: "I'll be pissed off either way."

EVAN JONES: "I think Texas is as inconsistent as we are. It all depends on which teams show up."


KING: "OSU winning this weekend is about the same as my dick suddenly gaining 2 inches. Both would be awesome, neither will be happening."

GERALD TRACY TIII: "Hey, I have been down on this team since ISU. My life has suddenly took a turn for good events the past week. Vikings aren't the worst team in football anymore and I got an Xbox One, maybe, just maybe, OSU can win and my luck streak will continue.

I'm totally kidding. I'm on the fence. I actually feel more comfortable playing OU right now. "

KING: "I also just got a one. The new COD is sweet."

GERALD TRACY III: "I want to get it, but I know I'm getting it for Christmas so I have to wait. Right now I got Assassin's Creed Unity and Black Flag and NBA 2K. I'm also signing up for the free month of Gamefly."

CADE WEBB: "I've always been a COD fan. Haven't gotten the new one yet but I will be very soon."

GUNTER SHARP: "I've been thinking about buying an Xbox One. Is it worth it?"

GERALD TRACY III: "Do you have a 360? I love mine so far. So much better than the 360."

GUNTER SHARP: "Yes. What exactly makes it better?"

EVAN JONES: "PS4 is better.


ME: "RT"

JOSH POTEET: "Anyways, how much does Texas beat us by?"

GERALD TRACY III: "By 7 at most."

POKELAHOMA: "UT might shut us out. Not that hard I know, but I'm ready to get goose egged."

COLIN PRICE: "This week at Cowboys Ride For Free: projections for the rest of the season get so dim that we will instead analyze the Xbox One and argue its comparisons to the PS4. Now is a great time to remind you that SB Nation is sponsored by Microsoft."

GERALD TRACY III:"But for real. I like the One. I've never been a PS fan but it is good. There will always be argument, it's really personal preference."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Nah. The One is where it's at. Maybe because I've always been an Xbox person, but it just feels fluid and natural when playing.

Oh, and I assume Texas can win by as much as 14."

ME: "I don't see them winning by more than 10."

SCHULTZY: "I've always been an Xbox person, but everything I've been told and read has said the PS4 is the way to go."

CHRIS ROSS: "Texas by 17. The offensive line isn't going to be getting any better this season. Honestly, I'm not sure why Bob Connelly is getting a pass, while Yurcich is getting obliterated. That's not a vote of confidence for Yurcich either. It's just that until the O-line is shored up, you can't really begin to assess anything else.

PS4 is better, but it comes down to what games you like I guess."

EVAN JONES: "It's been proven 10 times over that the PS4 is a better gaming console and the One is better for all around entertainment. The One doesn't touch the 4 with the graphics capability and upside, processing speed, or expandability. Better RAM, better CPU, Bluetooth, free access to all streaming SERVICES, browser, and DVR, and cheaper online play.

If you're looking for a gaming console, it takes the cake. But as it has already been said, it really comes down to personal opinion."

KING: "Halo FTW."

GUNTER SHARP: "I will never bail on Xbox. Had one since the original came out. Plus, the controller blows PS out of the water."

EVAN JONES: "Meh. Controller is as opinionated as it gets, they both feel fine to me in the hand (that's what she said). I like the light on the 4 controller because it corresponds to the color of the guy you're controlling on sports games like FIFA, which is very handy. I also like being able to plug my headset directly into the controller for sound and mic.

Halo has gone downhill since Halo 2 IMO.  I was an Xbox guy for a long time until the PS3 came out with Blu Ray and free online play, never have gone back.  Another fantastic flop from Microsoft, HD DVD. "

ME: "Okay, question for you guys. OU fans are PISSED right now at Bob Stoops. Lets just say he gets canned. Theoretically, would you rather have Stoops or Gundy?"

GUNTER SHARP: "I'm going to be verbally abused if I answer."

JOSH POTEET: "Stoops. 10 times out of 10."

POKELAHOMA: "I....think Bob Stoops needs a fresh start somewhere......I think if that somewhere were Stillwater it would forever cement us as little brother fighting for OU's leftovers. Fuck those guys. They won't ever get that satisfaction from me. Besides, I'm starting to think Bob's lost it."

SCHULTZY: "Probably Stoops and that's in no way a slight to Gundy."

CADE WEBB: "Honestly, Gundy. This season is more than likely an anomaly. Time will tell, but Gundy has done enough to where it's 'acceptable' to have a season where the team underperforms."

CHRIS ROSS: "Gundy. Am I the only one? How many times has OU been ranked in the top 5 to start the season to end up out completely of the rankings?

Going off of memory here, but wasn't OU recently ranked something like the most underachieving team of the last 5 years, and that was a couple of years ago, Can't imagine this season has helped that.

I think Stoops is a fine coach, but once you consider the recruiting advantages OU has, I'm not sure he's better than Gundy. Stoops does have a National Title, but who's players was that with?

Outside of this season Gundy has continuously overperformed. One down year shouldn't send us to the help wanted pages."

KING: "Well, fair points, but Stoops, for the most part, wins when he should. We should have a minimum of 3 Big 12 championships now, but we only have one. We also have only beat OU once in the past decade, whereas Baylor has 3 out of the last 4 years. I'll take neither however. I'd rather have Les Miles. Come at me."

GERALD TRACY III: "I agree Bryan. Hell, if we beat OU last year, we win the Big 12."

KING: "Also, talking like fanboys about the Xbox One and PS4 is more fun than pondering what Briles is working up for us."

GERALD TRACY III: "Shhh. I'm so upset the world gets to watch us get blown out again on national TV."

CHRIS ROSS: "Is the weather, horrible officiating, and Knight going down (yes, that helped OU) Gundy's fault? Look, I understand the OU argument, but at the same time, how many times was OK State truly favor in those games?Even when OSU has been favored you have a team on the other side with some of the best recruits in the country year end and year out with nothing left to play for, but spoiler.

Yes, 1 for 3 in Big 12 Championship opportunities isn't great, but what is Stoops with National Championship opportunities? And yes, conference championships are different from national championships, but let's be honest OU as a program is on a different level from what's expected."

GERALD TRACY III: "I agree Chris, but to be fair OU doesn't go for the top commits as much anymore. They still get them, don't get me wrong, but they would never have gone for three stars before and now they do."

KING: "True he's taken some ass whippings at the NC game, but he's been there. We've come close, and yes I feel the system failed us, but we should have been ready to play ISU."

GUNTER SHARP: "Just bought the Xbox One bundle with Assassin's Creed and then CoD: Advanced Warfare.

But back to football. Stoops would probably be better, but I'll agree with King and say Miles would be best."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Yeah, he's been there, but he's NC record isn't great. That being said, he can still boast getting there. As for Les, I think many Cowboys fans would be tongue-in-cheek about Miles if he returned. Some are nonchalant, where as some harbor some, uh, unfavorable feelings toward the guy. That being said, I'd pick him too."

GERALD TRACY III: "Let's take Art Briles away from Baylor. They don't deserve him."

CADE WEBB: "Lol that guy is an asshole. I'd take Stoops over Briles all day."

GERALD TRACY III: "I was kidding lol."

CHRIS ROSS: "What about Patterson?

What would have said after last season?

What would you have said about Gundy after 2011?"

SCHULTZY: "Yep. I'd take Briles over Stoops for sure."

KING: "Well if we had finished off OU last year, this argument wouldn't be taking place. I'm not advocating getting rid of Gundy, but he's build expectations much higher than they once were. Also to me the biggest thing is how we're losing, we're not competitive.

But what I really want, is a coach with large hairy balls who thinks Stoops is a double chinned bitch and is willing to work that ass. Which describes Miles. For reasons I'll never understand, Gundy seems afraid of OU. Must be the Pat Jones in him."

GERALD TRACY III: "I think a lot of teams this year are losing and not competing. Hell, OU got their ass beat for three quarters last week. WTH college football."

EVAN JONES: "I think I've said this before, but Gundy and Stoops relationship is much like coach Klein and Red from waterboy. If Gundy could ever picture him as a puppy or a baby, we'd be golden."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Beautiful analogy. Gundy would make a good Fonz, no?"

STEVE DODSON: "In summary: Gundy is the Wii of Big 12 coaches; solid, yet rarely coveted.  While some might prefer Bob 'PS4' Stoops to 'XBOX 360' Briles, the original 'Les the NES' Miles would have taken our 8-bit program to 64 bit and beyond! Nostalgia!

'All your base are belong to us.'"

CHRIS ROSS: "Wow, just wow.


GERALD TRACY III: "Much truth."

GUNTER SHARP: "Great way to incorporate both topics of this thread. Well done."

DEREK HATRIDGE: *slow clap*

KING: "Les is like those old cartridges with the shark cheat device installed. Go to far and it's irreparable, but go just enough and your unstoppable."


Game Genie

What an interesting week of Roundtable. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments! So, PS4 or Xbox 1? Gundy, Stoops or Miles? Oh yeah and I guess OSU has a game this weekend.

Go Pokes!