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CRFF Ranks The Big 12 Conference: Kansas Isn't Last!

The season continues on for the Big 12 and TCU continues to win over the staff.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Last week TCU was second in the staffs version of the Big 12 rankings, splitting the ten first place votes in half with Kansas state. After an impressive 40-21 win over the SnyderCats last weekend the staff has changed its mind.

This week TCU comes in first place with 99 total points and 9 of the 10 first place votes over a team that beat them in Baylor. OSU was ranked seventh by every voter this week after a bye and Kansas won a game! Not only did they win a game, they won a Big 12 game and are no longer the worst team in the conference.

This weeks rankings shouldn't be to big of a surprise. It shows that TCU is more respected due to its non-conference schedule because when you play Buffalo in any football game, college or NFL, you're not going to get respected for rolling them.

For the first time the group almost ranked the same, everyone had the same 7-10 spots, Kansas state was always number three and only Chris Ross picked TCU as number two behind Baylor.

Here are this weeks rankings:

1 TCU(9) 99
2 Baylor (1) 91
3 KSU 70
4 Oklahoma 66
5 WVU 60
6 Texas 54
7 Oklahoma State 40
8 Texas Tech 30
9 Kansas 20
10 Iowa State