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Oklahoma State Cowboys In The NBA: Ooh, That Smart's

With Smart and Brown both on the bench lately, the old Cowboy faithfuls didn't do to much this week.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Well we are two weeks into the NBA season and it's not really going well for anyone. While a few teams are off to hot starts, others are taking a more injury-ridden adventure. However, we still got to watch some former Pokes play this week, and here is how they did.

Tony Allen

Tony and the Grizzlies have had three games since last we checked and won two of them, against the Lakers and Thunder. In the two wins Allen shot over 50 percent on 10-17 shooting and tied a season high for points at 12 against LA. Allen continued his defensive dominance with two blocks and eight steals in the three game stretch. In the loss he was 3-9 for seven points.

Marcus Smart

The Celtics had three games since we last checked in on Smart, but Marcus only played in two of them. In a road loss to Toronto he shot 44 percent for 12 points but also had four turnovers, sounds pretty familiar. Then in the Celtics' next game on Friday night against the Pacers, Smart wasn't doing so well. He was 1-6 from the field in 16 minutes and it happened. Smart injured, on what seemed like a pretty serious injury.

I think the camera angle on this one is pretty bad, considering it makes the injury look a lot worse than it actually is. Smart was taken off the court and is expected to miss a few weeks, two-to-three, with what is now being reported as a left ankle sprain and bone bruise. Get healthy bud, we're going to miss seeing you play for the next few weeks.

Markel Brown

Yeah, he still hasn't played. However, did a piece on him and here's an interesting quote I found.

"He’s on the bottom of the totem pole, basically, and he’s got to work his way back up,"Lionel Hollins said. "We haven’t had a lot of practices lately for him to one, get into condition again and to get aware of everything that we’re doing.

He's the only Net who has yet to play, being listed as inactive for each game so far. However, I would expect some playing time from him sometime soon.

Also, OSU Basketball dropped this beauty on Twitter, I guess they read my stuff.

That's all we have for this week, stay tuned for next weeks edition and while Smart is out, the Celtics due play the Thunder this week for those who get the Thunder games in Oklahoma.