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Beat The Bookie: Is Vegas Trolling Mississippi State?

Our picks are starting to improve, and i might even recommend you to take a couple.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After a dismal few weeks, we started to turn the tide the week before last. We're nearing the end of the season, so if we want to get about .500 it's now or never.

Week 11 Results
Rank Player lock Record
1 Chris Ross Won 5-0-0
2 Evan Jones Won 3-2-0
3 Nick Tyler Lost 3-2-0
4 Thomas Fleming Won 2-3-0
5 Nick Lozanovski Lost 2-3-0

I went a perfect 5-0 last weekend!


Not a horrible week for everyone else either. Not great, but we've seen much worse.

Here's how we are doing on the year. If you want to play along, make your picks in the comments!

A reminder of the rules..

  • Pick 5 games
  • Last pick is on the Oklahoma State game if they are playing
  • Designate one pick as your lock of the week.
  • Must play at least three weeks to be ranked
  • Rankings based of win percentage. First tiebreaker is number of wins. Second tiebreaker is lock win percentage.

1 Evan Jones 6 16-13-1 .550 4-2-0 .667
2 Chris Ross 6 15-14-1 .517 5-1-0 .833
3 Derek Hatridge 5 11-11-3 .500 2-2-1 .500
4 Nick Lozanovski 3 7-7-1 .500 1-2-1 .333
5 Josh Poteet 3 6-8-1 .433 2-1-0 .667
6 Nick Tyler 5 10-14-1 .420 1-4-0 .200
7 Thomas Fleming 6 10-19-1 .350 4-2-0 .667
8 Gerald Tracy 3 4-10-1 .300 1-2-0 .333
NR Cory Treece 1 4-1-0 .800 1-0-0 1.000

Still not great overall on the season, but we're getting better. Here's our picks for this week.

Chris Ross
Ohio State at Minnesota Ohio St -13.5
Minnesota barely slipped into the rankings this week, but they won't hang around for long. The Gophers have yet to beat a ranked team, and Ohio State doesn't have time for a let down. They need some style points if they want to make the CFB Playoff. Buckeyes win big in the snow.
Mississippi State at Alabama MSST +9.5
Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. The #1 team in the country is getting 9.5?! Wow. Thanks, and an early Merry Christmas from Vegas.
Virginia Tech at Duke Duke Lock Of The Week -4
I'm going to keep riding Duke. They're getting more an more confident as a team, and Vegas keeps putting out these low point spreads against average opponents. Blue Devils take care of business at home.
TCU at Kansas TCU -28
Are there any goal posts for this game? I can't imagine what they'd tear down if the Jayhawks somehow beat TCU. That's not going to happen though. It's back to reality for KU this week, and the Horned Frogs won't have much mercy as they make their case for their spot in the Playoffs.
Texas at Oklahoma State Texas -2.5
Sorry Cowboy Nation, these are two teams going in opposite directions. I want to take OSU, but they've shown absolutely nothing over the last few weeks that gives me any hope they can put it together. I'll take the Longhorns, and won't be upset to lose the pick.

Josh Poteet
Tulsa at Central Florida Tulsa +19.5
The Golden Hurricane are bad but wi not lose by 20 points. Expect TU to give UCF a game. Here is my logic. OSU beat Baylor. UCF beat Baylor. We could beat UCF. Maybe this year, Tulsa could be us. *cries*
Ohio State at Minnesota Ohio St Lock Of The Week -13.5
I'll take Ohio State big in this one. The Buckeyes are rolling after last week's win over Michigan State and I fully expect them to win by 25 this weekend.
Nebraska at Wisconsin Wisc -6.5
Abdullah is expected to play but I don't think he is fully healthy. I think the Badgers win by 13 on Saturday in Madison.
Florida State at Miami Miami +2.5
I AM CALLING IT THIS WEEKEND. THIS IS THE WEEK THEY LOSE. This is a rivalry game and crazy things happen. Things are beginning to unravel even more off the field in Tallahassee and the U is trying to get bowl eligible. Miami wins by a FG.
Texas at Oklahoma State Texas -2.5
I haven't picked OSU in a long time. Why should I? This team is terrible. Overrated. No fun. Flat out embarrassing. Texas rolls on Saturday in Stillwater.

Thomas Fleming
Oklahoma at Texas Tech Under 62.5
The way these two offenses have been performing, along with the fact that Trevor Knight is out, leads me to believe that this one won't exactly be a shootout - I'm taking the under.
LSU at Arkansas LSU +1
Expect this one to be a fairly low scoring slugfest. This is a real exciting game I'll be sure to miss - LSU will cover.
Missouri at Texas A&M TAMU -4
After beating the #3 team in the country, a rejuvenated Aggie squad is only favored by 5 against a team who lost 34-0 to their only real competitive opponent. Get ready for the era of Kyle Allen - Aggies cover.
Michigan State at Maryland MSU Lock Of The Week -12
The Terps are O-fer against ranked teams this year, and I don't see that changing here - Sparty rolls and covers easily.
Texas at Oklahoma State Under 47.5
Wow, I'm an OSU fan and I don't even care about this game. Two mediocre teams. Mediocre offenses. Brutal weather. Everything points to a low scoring game. But please, I know they're awful, but if you call yourself an OSU fan, go to the game. Don't give up on your team, that's what Sooners fans are for. I call the under here in a game that might end 6-3.

Nick Tyler
TCU at Kansas TCU Lock Of The Week -28
KU is coming off their first Big 12 win this season. That won't mean much this week. TCU needs to make an impression on the CFP committee with a week schedule to close out the season. Expect them to run up the score.
Oklahoma at Texas Tech OU -13
Tech's defense is not very good at all. OU is better than they showed last weekend, even with a backup QB. OU rolls bad teams. Tech is a bad team.
Arizona State at Oregon State ASU -7.5
The Pac 12 is going to come down to Oregon and ASU in the championships game it looks like unless one of them trips up. I don't see ASU tripping up here.
Nebraska at Wisconsin Neb +6.5
Wisconsin has gone through ups and downs this year after pre-season looking like one of the B1G favorites. Their inconsistency will continue and if they can't run the ball they won't have much offensive success.
Texas at Oklahoma State Texas -2.5
I've flip-flopped on this game a lot, but what it ultimately comes down to is which team sucks the least. I think that is Texas. I don't see our offense being able to move the ball and at least Texas' might a little bit. I hope the Cowboys prove me wrong.

Evan Jones
Iowa at Illinois Illini +3.5
So... Iowa State beat Iowa.
TCU at Kansas TCU Lock Of The Week -28
I'm honestly surprised the line is this low. TCU stomps a mud hole in the Jayhawks.
Auburn at Georgia AUB +2.5
I bet against Gurley earlier this year and he killed me. I don't learn so good. Tigers slash the Dawgs.
Mississippi State at Alabama MSST +9.5
Am I reading this line right? The #1 team in the country is almost a 10-point dog in Tuscaloosa? I mean, I know ESPN has a massive hard-on for Bama, but come on. Mississippi State not only covers, they win.
Texas at Oklahoma State OSU +2.5
No Words. Just being a homer.

Nick Lozanovski
Mississippi State at Alabama MSST Lock Of The Week +9.5
I have equal faith in both of these teams across the board, but I trust Dak Prescott more than Blake Sims. Whoever has the ball last wins this game. I'd take MSU outright.
Ohio State at Minnesota Minn +13.5
They did hold TCU to 30 earlier this year... And I am buying into this trap game. Minnesota hasn't won vs the Bucks in a decade and are sure to be hyped while Ohio State naps.
Utah at Stanford Utah +8.5
The Utes can react 2 ways:
1) Defeated
2) Angry hurricane full of bees
I think Utah takes out the FRUSTRATION on Stanford. I'd take the Utes outright
Auburn at Georgia AUB +2.5
Bounce back game for Auburn. Winner gets free Waffle house. Gurley has committed enough violations, and its Auburns turn to take one. In all seriousness Gurley will need to adjust and Auburn is just a better team. Auburn outright.
Texas at Oklahoma State OSU +2.5
The Bowl Eligibility Bowl! Both teams stink, but OSU doesn't smell as bad.