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Quick Recap: Spoiler Alert Texas Wins

I want to apologize to Texas fans, coaches,band, and players. You travelled 7 hours up I-35 for a football game. You didn't get one.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Let's recap this; we sucked, Texas sucked less, Texas gets a bowl, we get murdered. That's all I'm going to say, because there are some things I want to say that I could never take back. Horrible, evil things, and yet I don't feel bad about them. This team is weak, the coaches are weak, and we have taken a step back to 1999. It feels like we're on probation with scholarship limitations. So let's quit on the team like they've quit on us, and talk about things more fun than football.

Video games are more fun that football. Strip clubs are more fun that football. At this point I think eye doctor visits are more fun than football. My band is looking for a drummer, but that's debatable if its more fun than football. Puppies and kittens are more fun that football. Getting intoxicated and going a protest mob fighting cops, definitely more fun that football. Sitting with the wife while she watches QVC, is somehow more fun than football.

I'm done with football for this season. Auburn chocked hard today, which shouldn't surprise me, the Pokes gave up four weeks ago, and Bama will probably win it all. I watch Oklahoma State football for entertainment. I am a fan of the team, and yes I have a degree from the University (two of them, to be exact.) It does not make me less of a fan to avoid watching the Baylor or Bedlam game, it makes me a sane human being. This team, including coaches, have packed it in. I'm not going to suffer on one of my two days off each week just to support some people I don't know. When the Pokes start playing hard, I'll start watching again, but next week I'll be at the movies, or shopping, or playing Call of Duty, but I won't be watching the Pokes.

(Normally I'd say something that rhymes with slow tokes here, but they don't deserve that)