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Gundy Responds To Being Listed As Favorite For Florida Job

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy responded to questions about being listed as the favorite to fill the vacancy at Florida.

Tim Ahrens | O'Colly

It just so happened that Bovada listed Mike Gundy as the betting favorite to fill the opening at Florida moments before he was scheduled to take the podium for his weekly press conference.  As you can imagine, there were a couple of questions asked regarding the matter.

Reporter: "Mike there's a service in Las Vegas that offers early, um.."

Gundy: "You betting on horses again?"

Reporter: "for lack of a better word, betting odds on, you know, college football stuff. Who's going to win the National Championship. Who's going to win the Heisman. They have today installed you as a 4/1 favorite for the Florida job. Any thoughts about that?"

Gundy: "That's crazy."

Reporter: "That's a pretty strong statement. What you're saying, 'That's crazy'."

Gundy: "Oh, I just think that's crazy. I thought you were betting on horses again."

Reporter: "Uh, is that all you want to say about it?"

Gundy: "I don't have any interest in talking about other jobs."

2nd Reporter: "There's some jobs you might get linked to, and you think, 'that's interesting', and then there's some jobs that maybe make you say, 'That's REAL interesting'."

Gundy: "I just don't have any interest in that. You know, I'm concerned with tomorrow's practice.

Gundy was a little bit obnoxious throughout the entire press conference, so his attempts to impede the line of questioning could just be his general attitude after the frustration that has become this season. There is the possibility that it could it be a sign of something more, though. He wouldn't be the first coach ever to claim he was staying, just to 'head to the restroom' during a banquet.

What do you think Cowboy Nation? Do you believe him? Is there anything to not wearing an Oklahoma State branded shirt for the first time that I can remember?  If Gundy did take the Wickline way out, and bolt before the proverbial poop hits the fan, who would you want to replace him? What would your ideal (and realistic) coaching staff look like?