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CRFF WEEK 12 POWER POLL: Shades of the Titanic

The Cowboys are dropping so fast, they must have hit an iceberg...

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports


1. TCU

Don't care about Kansas. Screw Baylor.

2. Baylor

Please, please, don't get into the playoff. I can't handle that.

3. Texas

Charlie turning it around already. Amazing what good coaching can accomplish...

4. Kansas State

Waiting to see how you finish up, but you've still got West Virginia and Baylor, not to mention Kansas. That's right, I said that.

5. Oklahoma

I'm almost hoping you put 50+ on us for Bedlam. Yep.

6. West Virginia

I like watching your offense. Lot's of imagination.

7. Texas Tech

And I'm not real confident of this pick.

8. Kansas

No chance we beat you if we had to play again. Would've lost the first one if you hadn't been so idiotic and kicked to Tyreek.

9. Oklahoma State

50 of last 59 drives have ended in punts. Now that's progress, albeit in the wrong direction.

10. Iowa State

Keep trying. You're not that far behind OSU.


1: TCU

Thank god we played Kansas when we did.

2: Baylor

Jesus is sad when he see's Bear fans.

3: Kansas State

Had hope this season, I've forgotten what that feels like.

4: Texas

Welp, they're going to be good next year. Awesome.

5: Oklahoma

Could sleepwalk to a 30 point bedlam victory.

6: WVU

Also had hope this season, not so much now.

7: Kansa

This is the best Kansas has looked in 5 years.

8: Tech

At least they keep fighting, and scoring.

9: The entire MAC

10A: Oklahoma State

Is it wrong to hate our team? I just don't like any player. Or coach. Or administrator. Or Tyreek up the middle.

Really hate that last one.

10B: Iowa State

At least we can drink together.