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What We Learned: Oklahoma State Has A Doolittle On The Roster

The Oklahoma State Cowboys lost a depressing game this past Saturday against Texas. This was probably the closest an OSU team has been to being shut out in a long time, so what did we learn from the most depressing game since 2005?

Jimmy Bean tackles Malcom Brown for a loss.
Jimmy Bean tackles Malcom Brown for a loss.
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

So, what did we all learn from this weekend's OSU debacle? I learned that the OSU fans are speaking out with their attendance, and that Yurcich probably won't be sticking around much longer. As for you, the loyal and true fan base, you also learned a lot, or nothing depending on the way you look at it.

Colby Daniels from 107.7 The Franchise gets us started with his thoughts.

You should be following him on Twitter and his show with Sam Mayes from 9 am to noon on weekdays is hilarious!

This is a sad realization that a few former coaches reminded us of this year.


Oh no!


Well, in Buffalo where I am, with 70 inches of snow projected to fall by Thursday, I might need 6.

It is like watching a car accident, and we all rubberneck.

Feels like it


As much fun as I have with some of this stuff, I really do have high hopes for the program in the future. The storm will pass over, and the sun will come out. When the sun comes out who will be left, no one is too sure at this point, but rest assured with the set up that OSU has now they will return to national relevance soon enough. Go Pokes!