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Baylor Offensive Preview: Brace Yourselves

Is everyone ready? This one could be.....stressful.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the Cowboys struck down Baylor's pursuit of Big 12 domination in a thrilling, chilly Stillwater night. This year, the Pokes, well, they're going to play football Saturday. Awaiting them is the high-octane Bear offense of Waco lore.

The Bears average 50.1 points per game with a viciously balanced offensive scheme. They are led by quarterback Bryce Petty, with a 58 percent completion percentage and an average of 302.6 passing yards per game. He has scored 21 touchdowns and has only logged three interceptions on the year.

His preferred targets are Corey Coleman, KD Cannon and Antwan Goodly, all of whom combine for 295.6 yards per gamw with 18 touchdowns.  They aren't the only areas of focus for the Poke defense, however. The entire receiving corps has accumulated 28 touchdowns with an average of 354.2 YPG.

Not to be outdone, the Baylor rushing game has also held its own throughout the season. The run unit, led by Shock Linwood, has earned a 230.9 YPG average with 30 touchdowns.  Linwood himself accounts for most of those numbers with 96 YPG and 12 touchdowns. Even Petty like to scramble for some yardage with 12.9 YPG and three TDs.

It's almost cliche to say the Cowboys have their work cut out for them. The Bears are seeing red and looking for blood, and it will be a game-long task for Oklahoma State to keep the BU offense in check. The newly-completed McLane Stadium will be draped in a black out,  and this could easily foreshadow a dark night for OSU.