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CRFF Roundtable: Basketball is Upon Us

The football team is not doing so hot this season so we thought we would talk some hoops this week on CRFF.

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This upcoming week the Oklahoma State Cowboy football program travels to Waco, Texas to receive a drumming from the Baylor Bears. We got tired of talking about how bad we are so we decided to focus on a positive like basketball season. Its upon us and our crew talks about our expectations for this year.

ME: "We've got a lot to talk about. Football stinks and basketball is starting up."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "So, do we need to take shots before answering or what?

Seriously, football is in a rough state. I don't even think Squinky could have done the damage that has inflicted this team."

SCHULTZY: "I'm really not too concerned about OSU football. We suck this year, but we're in pretty good shape long-term. There's way too much knee jerking going on right now. One of the youngest teams in the nation; we'll be fine. Now, if Gundy suddenly gets a lot more interesting and probably not in a good way."

GERALD TRACY III: "SchuItzy, I agree. If Gundy leaves, that means potentially new schemes offensively and defensively, which could screw with how we are built."

GERALD TRACY III: "We aren't going to win 6 games and that's bad.

Bold prediction, basketball ends up as a 3-4 seed in Big 12"

SCHULTZY: "I'd be pretty hesitant to say they're a 3-4 seed in the Big 12 just because of how deep the league is this year."

GERALD TRACY III: "I understand what you're saying Parker. And I know the league is deep, but there's always that one surprise or that one disappointment and I'm banking on it lol. Something has to go right for us."

NICK LIZANOVSKI: "I want to see this team be consistent in conference play before I expect 3 or 4 seed."

GERALD TRACY III: "I know. That's why it was a bold prediction."

SCHULTZY: "I'm excited for basketball. This team is legitimately deep, and can get after it defensively."

JOSH POTEET: "Football is in a terrible state. They will be fine regardless of who coach is though next season. Gundy won't even get offered the Florida job. His stock is way too low right now.

Basketball is 5 seed at best. I think you all are underestimating how good the conference is. KU, OU, UT, KSU, WVU, ISU, and BU are all significantly better than us."

SCHULTZY: "I just don't see us topping KU/UT/ISU/OU...those teams are very good. We should be right in there with KSU/Baylor/WVU though."

GRAHAM COFFELT: "Really though, how nice has it been to see Anthony Allen performing well? It's got me a little more excited than I anticipated."

GERALD TRACY III: "I know we won't beat KU or UT. But I think ISU and OU will be good fights."

SCHULTZY: "I don't think Baylor is significantly better than us..they lost Heslip, Austin, Jefferson, and Franklin. WVU had a lot of turnover on that roster too."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Baylor lost quite a bit, and there's the whole Scott Drew thing. Actually, I believe the Pokes will be pretty tenacious, especially come conference tourney time. Probably a 5 seed going in, but making a big run."

SCHULTZY: "I'm not really sure the Scott Drew criticism holds up anymore."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Shhh. I don't want to listen to reason.

But seriously, that's probably true. But then again he has his moments. In any case, I think the toughest teams will be KU, Texas, OU and ISU. OSU and Baylor will honestly probably battle for fifth, in my opinion."

KING: "Football is in a horrible state, and we're going to suck for the next 2-4 years. Bold prediction."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Here's a hypothetical for the readers: would you rather have Scott Drew or Travis Ford?"

Who would you rather have Scott Drew or Travis Ford? Are you looking forward to basketball season? What are your expectations? Have you given up on football? Let us know in the comments below!

Go Pokes!