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The Oklahoma State Cowboys Need Change

We knew Mike Gundy was a little crazy, but has he gone insane?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Albert Einstein described insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. At Monday's news conference, as if lecturing to a phycology class, OSU coach Mike Gundy nearly reiterated Einstein's famous words.

"Keep doing what we're doing," Gundy said when asked about his offensive scheme against Baylor. "We expect to get better and improve."

The Cowboys are currently averaging ten points a game during their four-game losing skid. But, the bad numbers don't stop there.

Oklahoma State tallied a lackluster 34 yards on the ground last Saturday against Texas, while averaging just over a yard a carry. The team is averaging about 140 rushing yards a game this season, a stat which is saved because of a weak schedule early in the year.

Unfortunately, the offensive woes continue in the passing game as well. Daxx Garman threw for 158 yards against the Longhorns while completing 59-percent of his passes. Garman's worst stat may have been the 19.8 QBR and interception. However, Garman did find the end zone once, if you want to count it. Receiver James Washington was sent in motion right in front of Garman when the quarterback pitched the ball forward, which Washington ran into the end zone. Garman now has as many interceptions as touchdowns this season (12).

However, even though Gundy is against change, it may be coming Saturday at Baylor. Garman may, or may not, be sidelined with a concussion, which means freshman Mason Rudolph could possibly make his first career start.

Rudolph was a four-star recruit out of high school, according to He's a pocket passer, much like Garman, however, has more speed than the junior.

The major change needed may be at the top with Mike Yurcich. The offensive coordinator has received mass criticism this season, and even caused Boone Pickens to uproar against West Virginia. After calling a draw play on third-and-long, which failed, Cowboys fans let out harsh boos at the coach. A rare event in Stillwater.

Whatever the change may be, the Cowboys need it. With possibly the worst offense in the country during the past four contests, Oklahoma State will need a major turnaround in order to upset Baylor or Oklahoma and become bowl eligible.