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Daxx Garman May Play After All

After reports yesterday that Daxx Garman was out with a concussion, it is now being reported that Daxx is back practicing with the team.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Yesterday we heard from multiple sources that Daxx Garman was sidelined with a concussion following the beatdown by the Longhorns. Cowboy Nation immediately started speculating at who might replace Garman.

J.W. Walsh, the starting QB, has already been lost for the season due to injury, and Gundy has done everything he possibly can to keep Mason Rudolph, the highly touted freshman QB, on the bench to save his redshirt.

Will Gundy burn Mason's redshirt with just two games left in an already lost season, or will Taylor Cornelius, another freshman QB, be called upon as a warm body to fill a need, or could OSU run the Hillcat for the entire game? Turns out Gundy may not have to answer that question.

Bill Haisten with the Tulsa World is reporting that Daxx was back at practice on Wednesday.

After Daxx Garman was sidelined during practice Sunday and Tuesday - rendered inactive by the effects of what is believed to have been concussion symptoms - sources close to the Oklahoma State football program indicated that the junior quarterback did practice on Wednesday.

If Garman can practice again Thursday, and if OSU's medical staff determines that he is physically ready it is expected that he would start at Baylor on Saturday. If not, it is believed that freshman Mason Rudolph would get the start at Waco, Texas.

Bob Barry Jr with the KFOR and WWLS The Sports Animal even went as far to say that Garman will play on Saturday.

Bob Barry Jr, has been wrong once this season when he announced that Rudolph would play this season.  Well... I guess he could still be right about that.

The one thing you don't want to do is play an injured Garman. Concussions are not to be messed with, and no redshirt is worth sacrificing an already injured kid. If Daxx is showing any lingering effects, expect him to watch the game from the sidelines.