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Daxx Garman: Battered, Bruised, But A Fighter

The Texas Longhorns used Oklahoma State QB Daxx Garman as their personal punching bag, but Garman kept coming back for more. The offense may be stagnant, but he's earned our respect.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday it was reported that Daxx Garman may not be able to go Saturday against Baylor due to a possible concussion. He's reportedly made it back to practice, but whether or not he plays is still in question, I watched the Texas game again to see when a possible injury might have occurred, but I ended up seeing much more than I bargained for.

Game Footage Credit: FOX
If video doesn't play, watch it here.

I've seen MMA fights with less contact.

"The kid is tougher than all get-out and he continues to fight." Gundy said in his weekly press conference

After watching the tape, that's an understatement. Daxx sat on the bench for five years waiting for his opportunity, and now that it's here... he's behind a line that's less effective than a screen door on a submarine. He keeps fighting though, keeps getting up.

This is a young man sacrificing his career at the altar of Oklahoma State. He picks himself up, brushes the dirt off, and goes back to work. As Gundy tightens his grip on Mason Rudolph's redshirt, Garman knows, he's it. There are no other options, and he refuses to let the team down.

For his sacrifice he's criticized. Missed passes, bad reads, interceptions. As the fans grow frustrated with how inept the offense has become, these are what we tend to focus on. Unfortunately, behind this line, we may never know just how good Daxx could be.

It's a bad situation all the way around, but whether or not he's able to go on Saturday shouldn't be determined by the lack of options behind him. Daxx may be willing to kill himself for Oklahoma State, but that doesn't mean they should let him. It's tough to say when the injury may have occurred, but the chrome was literally knocked off his helmet during the game. If he's suffering any lingering effects Rudolph needs to play tomorrow. There are worse things than burning a redshirt with two games left in the season. You always want to plan for the future, but sometimes you have have to react to the here and now.