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CRFF Predicts Oklahoma State vs Baylor

It's Baylor week everyone, and the staff got together to discuss what you should look for.

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How much difference does a year make? Last year OSU won this game and it wasn't even close, making Baylor look like a team whose ranking was obviously wrong at the time. This year OSU can't buy a win or a healthy player while Baylor is still going strong.

With that being said here's a little information on this weeks game. It's in the brand-new McLane Stadium in Waco, Texas and kicks off at 6:30 and the Bears are favored by 28. With that taken care of, let's take a look at what our staff says.

Gerald Tracy: This game could get ugly quick. OSU hasn't had an offensive line all year, or at least that's how they've played, and Baylor has a pretty good defensive front. Bears win and it's not pretty 58-7.

Taylor York: That took a very positive turn. I thought you were going somewhere far more king-esk than that. 10-48 cubs.

Dekota Gregory: 59-10 Baylor. Honestly just threw a big number out there.

Chris Ross: 63 - 10, Guess. Baylor goes for it on 4th down up big in the 4th at least once. They've done it in 4 games so far.

Nick Lozanovski: 45-0 Baylor. It stays respectably close for a half but gets away.

Colin Price: 91-13 Baylor. Briles goes for the big 12 single game scoring record (held by us at 84) on his quest for revenge for the trip behind the woodshed from last year.

Steve Dodson: I think their pedestrian offense doesn't even make it to 80. 77-13 baptists.

Nick Tyler: 84-7 Baylor *sad face*

Evan Jones: 52-14

Robert Whetsell: -10 Baylor.

Gunter Sharp: 52-7

Josh Poteet: Baylor 59 - OSU 10. Baylor will score quick allowing our offense to be on the field a lot which might mean more points than 0? I don't know nor do I care.

King: 72-13 Baylor

Now, these predictions were given on mostly Monday, some on Tuesday. However, as you may have heard, Daxx Garman might be out for the game. So, I let some of the staff redo their picks.

Colin Price:92-20

Josh Poteet: I think these new predictions will be telling in the sense that we will discover who the blame is on. Coaches? OLine? Daxx? If Mason plays then the Baptists win 49-17.

Pokelahoma: You know what? We win. 35-31

I'm an idiot. I know. But I can't help but think the offense will change with this kid. If he can run at all we have a chance.

King: Sure I'll modify, we lose 56-27.

Colin Price: well now that i'm full of hope and wonder, i'll amend my amendment to 48-31

Taylor York: No change. It's the kid's first start and the offense as a whole has regressed.

Evan Jones: I'll go from 7 to 14.

That's all we've got this week. Hopefully our staff is wrong, including myself, and we end up winning this game. Until next week, Go Pokes!