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Bold Predictions: Oklahoma State at Baylor

The Cowboys of Oklahoma State are heavy underdogs this week on the road at Baylor. The Bears control their own destiny in the Big 12 race, and are unlikely to take any opponent lightly at this point in the season. However, there is always that possibility, so what do the fans think just might happen?

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So Oklahoma State is recovering from the 28-7 drudging from last Saturday's game against the Longhorns. What stares them in the face is Baylor now, hellbent on revenge after the NSFW lashing that they were given last year. This year, the Cowboys are sitting at 5-5 and need a win to secure bowl eligibility. With games left against Baylor and Oklahoma, the situation looks improbable, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE SO LET'S GET BOLD!


Now here is something interesting. What will happen with the QB situation this weekend? Daxx Garman might have nightmares from all the big scary defensive linemen he has been hit by this year. There has been media reports that Daxx has had concussion like symptoms all week, if this is true, Gundy has to play either preferred walk-on Tyler Cornelius, or Rudolph, Mason's redshirt, while important, is not worth risking Daxx's health.


I might not make it, Bold indeed.

We should as former Michigan AD Dave Brandon how to handle this one...


This would be so sad for everyone involved.

Who is this guy? Great follow on Twitter... Hehe


I think Baylor will win this game big, but I don't think the score will resemble how competitive the game was. I originally thought BU would win 45-0, but I now feel it will be more along the lines of 55-14, with Baylor leading something like 17-7 at half time. I am a firm believer in Mike Gundy, but this just hasn't been the year. If the offensive line can get it together...*mouth falls off from saying it too much* this game could be a lot closer, maybe something like 35-24. Watch for the rain in Waco, as Big 12 officials are considering moving the game time to avoid it, ESPN reports.