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UPDATE: Oklahoma State vs Baylor To Be Played As Scheduled

Under the threat of severe weather tomorrow's Oklahoma State vs Baylor game could be rescheduled to a new time.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Game to be played as scheduled.

The weather calls for heavy rains throughout all of Saturday so moving up the kickoff time wouldn't really change much. Possibly moving the game to Sunday apparently didn't work well for TV either.

The weather could make this game that much more miserable, or it could help level the playing field. Who knows, a couple of weather delays could help Oklahoma State's depth by keeping the starters fresh.


As we posted a few minutes ago Brett McMurphy with ESPN tweeted out that sources were telling him that Oklahoma State and Baylor met with the Big 12 to considering moving kickoff amidst concerns of  inclement weather.

Tomorrow's weather forecast in Waco calls for  temperatures to be around 60 degrees, with an overnight low of 55. There's a 100% chance, including the possibility of severe isolated thunderstorms.

Now sources are saying there's a possibility the game could be moved to Sunday.

Some Oklahoma State fans had a couple of better ideas to remedy the situation...


I’m fine with rain thunder and the potential for a suspended game never ever ever ever ever to be rescheduled…ever…Dead…


I wish

However, since we can’t be that lucky, just move it up to an early kickoff. That way we kick this ass kicking over with sooner rather than later.


Sunday Might Be Good.

Moved to Sunday you’ll see a weaker crowd with all the folks who skip for church…