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OKState Recruiting: Two Recruits Decommit

Two of Oklahoma State's best recruits for the 2015 class have decommitted

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


This tweet from Kyle Frederickson cleared up the situation with Lane...


Times are undoubtedly tough right now for the Oklahoma State Football program, and it appears more bad news has headed the coaching staff's way. Multiple sources have indicated that Kenneth McGruder, a four-star cornerback, has decommited from Oklahoma State.

McGruder spoke to about his decision.

"I just need to open my options. I figure that I need to see where the right place is for me."

"I've already visited Nebraska, but I'm setting something up right now with Texas Tech. I'm willing to visit whoever else wants to start back recruiting me since it's known that I am opening back up."

Today, four-star defensive back Jaylon Lane also announced he was decommitting from the Cowboys.

It is unclear what the "off the field" actions were that led to Lane's decision, but it certainly is not a good sign that OSU has had two recruits decommit in a two day span. Both Lane and McGruder were regarded as two of the best recruits coming in next year, and could have had an immediate impact as freshmen. Here's hoping that Coach Gundy and the OSU staff can right the ship soon.