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Beat The Bookie: Iowa State's Favored To Win A Game?

It's been rough year for picks, but we'll keep trying. Just don't go betting the mortgage on anything you see here.

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Welp... That didn't last long. It looks like we are back to our losing ways. This is not my year for sports. My picks are at an all-time low, the Thunder can't keep anyone on the court, and Oklahoma State forgot how to football. At least Cowboys basketball ball is finally here to ease the pain.  Oh... right... sigh.

Week 12 Results
Rank Player lock Record
T-1 Thomas Fleming Won 2-3-0
T-1 Nick Lozanovski Won 2-3-0
T-3 Chris Ross Lost 2-3-0
T-3 Josh Poteet Lost 2-3-0
T-5 Evan Jones Lost 1-4-0
T-5 Nick Tyler Lost 1-4-0


Yep... pretty much that bad.

Before we get to this week's picks let's take a look at the leaderboard, but first a reminder of the rules.

  • Whoever is playing this week picks 5 games.
  • Last pick is on the Oklahoma State game if the Cowboys are playing.
  • We must designate one pick as a lock of the week.
  • We must play at least three weeks to be ranked
  • Rankings based of win percentage. First tiebreaker is number of wins. Second tiebreaker is lock win percentage.
1 Chris Ross 7 17-17-1 .500 5-2-0 .714
2 Evan Jones 7 17-17-1 .500 4-3-0 .571
3 Derek Hatridge 5 11-11-3 .500 2-2-1 .500
4 Nick Lozanovski 4 9-10-1 .475 2-2-0 .500
5 Josh Poteet 4 8-11-1 .425 2-2-0 .500
6 Nick Tyler 6 11-18-1 .383 1-5-0 .167
7 Thomas Fleming 7 12-22-1 .357 5-2-0 .714
8 Gerald Tracy 3 4-10-1 .300 1-2-0 .333
NR Cory Treece 1 4-1-0 .800 1-0-0 1.000

How did I have a losing week, and take over first place? When you're in first, and sitting at .500 you know it's a bad year all the way around. Whatever, let's just move on to this week's picks.

If you want to play along in the comments, we'd love to see your picks. Maybe uh.. you could even send some winners our way. What's your lock of the week?

Chris Ross
Marshall at UAB MARSH -20
The Thundering Herd is looking for style points, and should be decidedly better than the Blazers.
Indiana at Ohio State OSU -35
Let's try this again. Last week the Buckeyes didn't treat me so well, but I like them to send a message to the Playoff Committee this week.
Louisiana Tech at Old Dominion LA Tech -12
LA Tech has been on a roll lately, and I haven't seen anything out of Old Dominion to make me think they can slow the Bulldogs down.
Wisconsin at Iowa WISC Lock Of The Week -10
I can't seem to get away from road favorites, but screw it... The Badgers should run right over Iowa.
Oklahoma State at Baylor Under 67.5
I have no idea what the weather is going to do to this game. Baylor should cover easily, but if there are a couple of lightning delays I could see that help Oklahoma State. The starters stay fresh, and it could help keep Baylor out of rhythm.

Derek Hatridge
Kansas at Oklahoma OU -26.5
Surely the Sooners can get this one done. Just feed the ball to Perine and call it a day. OU wins a pick-me-up at home.
Wisconsin at Iowa WISC Lock Of The Week -10
How is this set at 10? Regardless, Badgers make this one a cake walk.
Texas Tech at Iowa State ISU -1.5
I want to believe in you so much, Cyclones. The #DrinkAlliance lives on! But I still expect you to get things done, ISU.
Mississippi at Arkansas ARK +3.5
The Hogs' adrenaline is running high after last week. I believe they shock the SEC again with another win.
Oklahoma State at Baylor BAY -30
I don't want to talk about it. Baylor wins.

Thomas Fleming
Louisville at Notre Dame ND -3
Golden Domes & the Redbirds. Lately, Golson has been acting like the football is sin itself and refuses to hang onto it. Still, they're at home and they should pull out the win. I'm so bad at this, I don't even care anymore...
Wisconsin at Iowa WISC Lock Of The Week -10
Melvin Gordon is a men amongst boys, and there's no reason to think that this will be a nail-biter. The Badgers cruise.
Boston College at Florida State BC +17
Going with the underdog here. Sooner or later, Seminoles, sooner or later...
Mississippi at Arkansas MISS -3.5
The Hoddy Toddy Kids aren't going to lose to three D-1 opponents in a row. Hopefully they won't look past this one to the Egg Bowl - Rebels cover.
Oklahoma State at Baylor Under 67.5
Calling the under here, I'm hoping the defense holds it within 29. *Uber sad face*.

Josh Poteet
Miami at Virginia MIA -6
Give me the Canes. They almost made me look brilliant last week when I picked them to knock off Florida State and I was so damn close. I expect them to come out with vengeance and win big against the Cavaliers (the bad one).
Indiana at Ohio State OSU Lock Of The Week -35
So you're telling me that a team that hasn't won a game since Oct. 4th when they beat North Texas has to play a team fighting for a playoff spot. On the road. Without their starting QB. Have I made my point? Buckeyes roll and Herbstreit has a great day, tOSU by 50.
Western Michigan at Central Michigan WMU +1
GAME OF THE WEEK! If you're not watching this ESPN3 matchup on Saturday then you're not having enough fun. Western Michigan is on a five game winning streak and I expect them to upset bitter rival Central Michigan on Saturday. The Kansas Jayhawks beat CMU by 14 points earlier this season so why wouldn't I pick Western Michigan?
Southern Methodist at Central Florida UCF -28.5
My Dad went to SMU and if I picked them in anything relative to football he would call me a disgrace to my family. How bad is SMU? For starters they are 0-9 and would struggle against the top high school teams in Texas. I genuinely believe that. They're on pace to the worst statistical football team in over 15 years. Kansas was REALLY bad in some of those years and SMU is worse. Give me UCF by 63.
Oklahoma State at Baylor BAY -30
*drinks*HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's only 28.5? That's not too bad. I would take the Bears if it was by 40. Realistically I think they win by 50-60. OSU doesn't even know what the hell they're doing on the field. Might as well not even show up in Waco. Baylor is going to go for it on like every 4th down until Gundy signs that Florida contract. But hey, #gopokes?