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CRFF WEEK 13 BIG 12 POWER POLL: We love you, Baylor

We are so in love with the Bears that we have them firmly in 2nd place. Oh, and we have a new "Kansas."

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


1. TCU

Enjoy your bye week. Texas won't be a pushover on Thanksgiving.

2. Baylor

Sorry, you only beat us by 21 at home.

3. Kansas State

Snyder and boys continue to hang around. Would LOVE to see them beat Baylor.

4. Oklahoma

I think you need to rest Perine for your bowl game. Can Ford start at RB for Bedlam? We haven't recovered a fumble all season, so a little help would be appreciated.

5. Texas

We will see just how far Strong's Horns have come on Thanksgiving.

6. West Virginia

Hard to hear this right now, but you guys weren't very far from a really good season.

7. Oklahoma State

There is life in that offense. Oh, and Mason Rudolph can play. Where's he been all year? $100 says Gundy won't name a starter until Bedlam.

8. Texas Tech

Needed some work to escape Ames. Hope you didn't infect anyone.

9. Kansas

You're pretty much locked in to this spot, unless Iowa State...ok you'r locked in.

10. Iowa State

Congrats on being this football season's version of "Kansas."


1. TCU:

Addition by subtraction, or a win by not playing.

2. Baylor:

Wanted to lose, Gundy wouldn't let them. But they're also pretty good.

3. KSU:

Working on a 3 way tie for our one true champion.

4. OU:

Hope Perine is still celebrating the night before Bedlam.

5. Tejas:

Did they play?

6. West Virginia:

Saved Dana's job, and that's about it.

7. Oklahoma State:


8. Tech:

Got a win, barely, over the new Kansas.

9. Kansas:

Looked like the old Kansas

10. Iowa state:

The new Kansas.