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CRFF Player of the Game Results: Baylor

The results are in for the weekly player of the game poll.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After the Cowboys put on their best offensive performance since early October, you guys have voted Mason Rudolph as player of the game!

Rudolph received 73% of the votes after making a solid career debut. The true freshman got the starting nod after Daxx Garman was sidelined with concussion symptoms. Setting the record for most passing yards by a Cowboy quarterback in their debut, Rudolph threw for 281 yards and two touchdowns. He had a couple of interceptions, but fans will gladly overlook them because this team finally has a guy that can be the team's leader for the next three seasons.

Next up is the freshman wide receiver, James Washington. Washington hauled in 114 yards on four catches, one of which was a touchdown. He's starting to make a name for himself on this offense and has a good chance of being the Cowboy's top deep threat from here on out.

David Glidden, Ryan Simmons, and Kip Smith all received less than 10% of votes, but their contributions weren't hard to spot. Glidden has become the most reliable player on this team, as he is always the one making catches in critical situations.

Simmons' presence can be felt by the offense as he is flying around the middle of the field on both pass and run plays. Despite facing the nation's top offense, the linebacker handled himself well and stepped up when needed.

Unfortunately for Smith, it takes a lot for a punter's impact to be felt. Smith has definitely progressed from is days of 16 yard sideline punts. He's no Quinn Sharp, but he gets the job done most of the time and whenever playing an offense like Baylor's, pinning them deep is a must.

That's all we have for this week. The Pokes are on a bye week over the holidays and will come back to be preparing for OU. Swing by after Bedlam for the next (and final?) installment of the CRFF Player of the Game vote.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and let's beat the hell out of OU!

Go Pokes!