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CRFF Ranks The Big 12 Conference & A Special Friend Gives His Input

The CRFF staff got back together this week to rank the best conference in all of college football and had quite the surprise when an old friend stopped by to give his perspective.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's Thanksgiving week and the staff is finally thankful for something, or better someone, and his name is Mason Rudolph. While he wasn't able to help bring OSU out of the gutters that is the bottom three of the Big 12, he was able to show everyone a glimmer of hope and even make some think the Pokes can beat the hated Sooners come Bedlam week.

So when the staff got together to discuss our rankings this week we noticed we were one short of ten people, and started to wonder where that last ranking would come from. Then it happened. An old friend (Squinky) popped up to say hello and give his two cents on what he thinks of the Big 12, while he was on his way to visit someone else.

Here are his picks:

1. Kansas State...If you know my history, you know why I'm partial to the old man
2. TCU...I'm also partial to purple, so let's keep these together.
3. Texas...Cooper is incompetent, so UT needs to be ranked ridiculously high so it's not difficult to disappoint.
4. West Virginia...I don't mess with mountain folks. Banjos, squealing pigs, and such.
5. Kansas...anything past the "one true champion" doesn't matter, so why not put the Jayhawks here.
6. Oklahoma State...So I decided to start messing with Gundy's mind a little this season. It was surprisingly easy to talk him into holding on to Rudolph's redshirt so long, which I'm sure cost you at least a win or two (and maybe a bowl), so I moved you up a spot. See you guys in Norman on 12/6 [wink, wink].
7. Claude some tough love here. If the Bears are ranked too high, then it's easy to kill the dream. Claude needs to learn how to do this even when the team isn't playing for much, kind of like you guys right now. BTW, I know Baylor is trying to get into the CFB Playoff, but Claude doesn't read the regular media, so all he knows is what I tell him.
8. Texas Tech...I don't mess with people from Lubbock. STD's and all.
9. OU...Sorry about Bedlam 2011.
10. Iowa State...I'll be at my vacation home in a couple of weeks. We'll have some beers. Or I could stop by your place for Thanksgiving and stay until the WVU game if you'd like, just let me know.

Now if you were wondering, no his picks didn't completely mess up our rankings, take a look:

1 TCU (7) 97 2
2 Baylor (2) 86 1
3 KSU (1) 83 3
4 Texas 66 5
5 Oklahoma 55 4
6 WVU 52 6
7 Oklahoma State 43 7
8 Texas Tech 28 8
9 Kansas 26 9
10 Iowa State 10 10