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BUY or SELL? Oklahoma State Fans Are Tired of Mike Gundy's Antics

Are fans growing tired of Mike Gundy's attitude towards the media, and promiscuous behavior with other programs?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

He's 'a man'... correction, he's the man in Stillwater. With some help from Athletic Director Mike Holder and OSU benefactor T. Boone Pickens, Mike Gundy brought the Cowboys their first outright Big 12 Conference championship and first BCS Bowl appearance and victory. Mike Gundy lead the Pokes to a status many fans still have a hard time believing... a football powerhouse, a contender.

However, after what's shaping up to be a 5-win season, the tide may be starting to turn against Gundy. What was once viewed as hilarious trolling of the media, isn't quite so funny anymore. Harmless retorts to earn a laugh seem to be more pointed and slightly demeaning. Like this moment from last week's press conference...

Reporter: "That's a good point."
Gundy: "It's a better point than your question. It's a nice try though. I like your attitude though."

Or like after the Baylor game when Gundy didn't appreciate the questions regarding freshman QB Mason Rudolph.

Now, no one would like to have to answer questions on why things aren't going so well, especially if you don't have any real solutions to the problem, but coaches are paid a lot of money to do this very thing.

Dan Wolken with USA Today hits on something else Oklahoma State fans seem to be growing tired of. The constant flirtation with every high profile job that comes open. Coaches, especially successful ones, move around all the time in college football. It's to be expected. Gundy doesn't just seem to be a person of interest for these programs though, he's all but standing up, waving his arms, and shouting, 'hey, over here! Pick me!'.

Cowboy fans have hoped that Mike's roots will keep him at his "Yankees job" until he retires. Despite what coach says though, his actions tell a different story. Two years ago Gundy threw his hat in the ring for Arkansas, and then packed his bags for Tennessee before changing his mind at the last minute. When reports surfaced last week that Gundy was once again 'pursuing' another job, this time at Florida, fans shared their frustration on our Facebook page.

Mike Farmer If he doesn't want to hang around, peace out.

Yvonne Reed Stuart As a life long Orange blooded loyal and true fan I agree. Either Gundy up or Gundy out. No time or place for those who are unsure of their place at OSU. You are either all in, or get stepping. We are too loyal a bunch and have higher expectations of our head coach than to have to tolerate this rumor situation at the end of every season. From one of our own even. Over it.

Nicholas Wilson If he's unhappy at OSU he should just bolt. Either dedicate yourself or get out Gundy. Enough with the "flirting" with other schools. Also, great job with player retention! That O line sure looks great!!

Chris Cope His leading sentence will be "son, you'll know I'm leaving town when I take a great team and drive them in the dirt...."

So we ask you...

BUY OR SELL? Cowboy fans are growing tired of Gundy's antics.

Gundy will always be the coach that brought unprecedented success to Oklahoma State, and on Tuesday it was rumored by those close to the Florida program that Gundy was no longer being considered for the job. So, it looks like he'll be sticking around Stillwater. Fans will always love Gundy for being the coach that brought dancing to the locker rooms and the guy that stands up for his players, but is his contentious attitude with anyone that questions him growing stale?

This is going to be a bad analogy (because we know he's a man) but it's the only one I've got. Like a child growing up, temper tantrums are cute when they're a baby, but by the time they're teenagers, those same things are no longer entertaining. You still love the kid, but are we just about done with the tomfoolery?