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Beat The Bookie: Just Thankful This Isn't Worse

It's tough to imagine, but this could be worse I guess. Be sure to check out our picks this week. Even if it's turning into more of a list on who not to pick.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

After a terrible start to the season we had started to turn things around, but the last couple of weeks have killed any momentum we were building.

Week 13 Results
Rank Player lock Record
T-1 Derek Hatridge Loss 2-3-0
T-1 Josh Poteet Loss 2-3-0
3 Thomas Fleming Loss 1-4-0
4 Chris Ross Loss 0-5-0


I am running out of words for how bad this is. I'm not going to dwell on it. Time to just focus on enjoying the holiday weekend, kick back, and enjoy some football.

Before we get to this week's picks let's take a look at the leaderboard, but first a reminder of the rules.

  • Whoever is playing this week picks 5 games.
  • Last pick is on the Oklahoma State game if the Cowboys are playing.
  • We must designate one pick as a lock of the week.
  • We must play at least three weeks to be ranked
  • Rankings based of win percentage. First tiebreaker is number of wins. Second tiebreaker is lock win percentage.
1 Evan Jones 7 17-17-1 .500 4-3-0 .571
2 Derek Hatridge 6 13-14-3 .483 2-3-1 .417
3 Nick Lozanovski 4 9-10-1 .475 2-2-0 .500
4 Chris Ross 8 17-22-1 .438 5-3-0 .625
5 Josh Poteet 5 10-14-1 .420 2-3-0 .400
6 Nick Tyler 6 11-18-1 .383 1-5-0 .167
7 Thomas Fleming 8 13-26-1 .338 5-3-0 .625
8 Gerald Tracy 3 4-10-1 .300 1-2-0 .333
NR Cory Treece 1 4-1-0 .800 1-0-0 1.000



Here's who we're jinxing this week, those of us that are still playing.

Nick Tyler
LSU at Texas A&M LSU -3
LSU has been an up and down team this year. Texas A&M's two biggest wins come over an overrated South Carolina and a struggling Auburn team.
Stanford at UCLA UCLA Lock Of The Week -5.5
The Bruins are getting hot at the right time. This Stanford team is not as good as ones in the past although their defense is pretty good. UCLA's offense is too much to stop though.
West Virginia at Iowa State WVU -13
Iowa State is really bad this year and even though struggling right now, I think this WVU team has over performed this year.
Oregon at Oregon State ORE -19.5
This Oregon team is really good led by the probable Heisman trophy winner in Marcus Mariota. They beat and cover an average Oregon State in the Civil War.
Mississippi State at Mississippi Ole Miss +2.5
I think Ole Miss wins this game straight up in the biggest upset in this rivalry weekend. Ole Miss has had some tough breaks and looked awful last week, but I think they pull the upset.

Chris Ross
East Carolina at Tulsa ECU Lock Of The Week -17.5
I don't even know anymore, so what the heck, this is my lock
Ball State at Bowling Green BG -9.5
Bowling Green has been a decent team, while I don't believe in Tulsa at all. *Golden Hurricane fans everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.
Connecticut at Memphis MEM -21
Sorry to do this to you Memphis, but consider yourself jinxed.
Syracuse at Boston College BC -11
Eh, what the heck? I'll ruin Boston College's day as well.
West Virginia at Iowa State WVU -13
Iowa State deserves to win at least one Big 12 game this season, so I'll help them out. Sorry, not sorry Dana, you've been cursed.

Thomas Fleming
TCU at Texas TCU -6.5
TCU is the far superior team here, obviously. I don't think that the Frogs will score as much as they have in the past, considering the caliber of Texas' defense, but TCU still covers.
Stanford at UCLA UCLA -5
The Bruins will be playing for the Pac-12 South title and a spot in the conference championship, so they know what's at stake here - UCLA covers.
BYU at California CAL -4
Since the Texas game (when they had Taysom Hill), BYU hasn't had a signature win that they can lean on. Cal looked bad against Stanford last week, but they've proven that they can go toe-to-toe with some of the best teams in the Pac-12. Cal covers.
Michigan State at Penn State MSU -13.5
I really don't know what to say here, just because I don't care about Big10 football, but I needed a pick so here you go - MSU covers.
Idaho at Appalachian State Over Lock Of The Week 63
Appalachian State can flat-out score points, and they have secretly been on a five game winning streak in Sun Belt conference play. Idaho can score here and there as well, and this one should have a full scoreboard by the end of it.