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Purple cats and frogs are in charge. What is this world coming to?

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

This coming weekend could shake things out a bit.


1. Kansas State

Until somebody steals the Purple Wizard's magic...

2. TCU

West Virginia looked to be in charge, except for that "turnover" stuff. The Frogs have a date with the Wildcats next.

3. Baylor

The Bears are just sorta hanging out here, but they'll need to get out of Norman unscathed this coming weekend to truly stay in the mix.

4. Oklahoma

Congrats. WV's loss means you get to stay here for another week. The Baptists are coming, and I'm not sure, but I think I might be rooting for you.

5. West Virginia

You could taste it, couldn't ya? Oh so close. At least you've saved Dana's job for another season.

6. Texas

The Longhorns look like they are actually improving. Wonderful.

7. Oklahoma State

The only reason the Cowboys get the nod here is that they beat all the teams below them. I'm really glad they don't have to play any of them again.

8. Texas Tech

I agree with King. They showed some fight. That's about all they have left to show.

9-10. Kansas/Iowa State

The battle for the basement is coming this weekend in Lawrence. I will definitely watch, and it will be epic.


1: Texas Christian

Returned the favor from last year, survived meth country.

2: Kansas State

You shouldn't even be excited about beating us.

3: Baylor

If they scored 60 on Kansas, they'll score 80 on us.

4: Oklahoma

For the first time in about 7 years, I don't think we have any sort of chance in bedlam.

5: West Virginia

5 turnovers = loss.

6: Texas

The one game I was counting on as a W is pretty much gone, Stronghorns look much better.

7: Texas Tech

Showed fight with a 3rd string QB. Something we haven't done in about 4 weeks.

8: Oklahoma State

I wanted to rank us much lower, being a Power Ranking and all, but everyone below us looked worse.

9: Iowa State


10: Kansas

It's almost basketball season.