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Thank goodness for other sports, because football is...well...

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

If you are looking for sunshine and unicorns, then stop right here.

If stats are for losers, then the stats are perfectly matched to OSU's status in the ledger of Bedlam football.

We've seen this number every year as it "grows"....


The Cowboys have never won more than 2 consecutive games.

The good news? When OSU wins, they tend to win in bunches.

Of those 17 victories, 5 came in a 10 year span (1924-33) and 5 more came in an eight year span (1995-2002...we see you, John Blake and Rashaun Woods).

The bad news? That leaves only 7 other wins in 90 years.

If you remove the two "clusters" of wins, the fewest years OSU has gone between Bedlam victories is 6 (1918-1923). The longest winless streak is 19 years (1946-64), with another 18 year stretch close behind (1977-94). If you put those two streaks, and the subsequent wins, together, you get 3 triumphs in 49 years.

Goodness. This does not bode well for the Cowboys in the 109th edition of Bedlam Football.

Since the last "bunch" of wins ended in 2002, OSU returned to the norm, going 8 years before registering the blowout of 2011.

There is one very slim sliver of hope, however.

In those two "clusters" of wins, OSU never went more than 2 years without a win, and, in fact, only did that once.

The Cowboys' last win was 2011, and OU has since won 2 in a row.

In simple, statistical terms, that means if OSU wins on 12/6, we could be on the verge of another "cluster" of wins.

If they don't, then, like Groundhog Day, we should expect at least 3 more years of Bedlam agony. That means the next win wouldn't come before 2018?

Shoot me now.


PS: If someone could figure out how to slip Squinky a "mickey," we would really appreciate it...