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CRFF Ranks the Conference

This weeks poll comes in disappointing, just like the season.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

For the third time since 2000 and the first since 2005, the beginning of the Gundy era, Oklahoma State is staring down a stretch of games that could lead to a season with less than seven wins.

After last weeks 48-14 blowout loss to Kansas State, a lot of fans have seemingly given up. The team is in shambles and might not make a bowl game unless the offense can find a way to beat the underachieving Texas Longhorns.

In other news around the conference, TCU won a close game that WVU nearly gave away, Baylor and OU both had a bye week (yes, KU and ISU are considered byes now) and Tech had Vinny Testaverde Jr. playing quarterback. All of this adds up to the craziest week of CRFF staff rankings where we end up with a tie for first and OSU being as far down the poll as one can remember.

Also, just in case you wondering North Dakota State and Missouri State received votes ahead of Kansas. Here are this weeks rankings:

1 KSU(5) 95
2 TCU (5) 95
3 Baylor 76
4 WVU 69
5 Oklahoma 59
6 Texas 47
7 Oklahoma State 41
8 Texas Tech 31
9 Iowa State 19
10 Kansas