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Oklahoma State Cowboys in the NFL: Week 9

A quick recap to check on our favorite former Cowboys because we all know that we don't care about the current ones anymore! Enjoy this week's Cowboys in the NFL post!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I am a New York Jets fan (get your jokes out of the way now) and I am miserable.

I am also an Oklahoma State Cowboy fan (not so funny anymore, is it?) and I am still miserable.

It's a bye week here in Stillwater and that means it's slow in regards to Cowboy football, so let's enjoy what once was great and take a look at how former Pokes did in the NFL this week.


Dan Bailey (Cowboys) - Bailey seemed to be doing a lot of the work for the Cowboys on Sunday in a losing effort against Arizona. He attempted two field goals, one was blocked, the other one sailed through the uprights from 52 yards out. Bailey continues to be the best kicker in the world.

Poor Dan.

Dez Bryant (Cowboys) - It's funny. A few weeks ago I said that Bryant is easily a top 5 receiver in football.

What has the former Poke done since then?

Embarrass me. Outside of the Giants game three weeks ago Bryant has had a combined five receptions for 45 yards and 2 TD's.

This week Bryant had two whole catches for 15 yards against Arizona. Pick your game up Dez, my fantasy team needs you. He is also really unhappy with Brandon Weeden (more on that later).

Perrish Cox (49ers) - Well the 49ers suck again. It's official with this week's loss to St. Louis (LOL). Cox didn't have a bad game though. The former Poke had one tackle and an interception. He has four picks on the year, good enough to lead the 49ers and 2nd in the league.

Justin Gilbert (Browns) - His rookie year has been a roller coaster. Gilbert started off playing terrible and has worked his way back into the starting lineup for Cleveland. He played well against Tampa Bay this weekend as he had one tackle and a pass deflection.

Corey Hilliard (Lions) - DNP (bye week/injury)

Kendall Hunter (49ers) - DNP but DID GET PAID!

Hunter signed a new contract this past week.

Charlie Johnson (Vikings) - Johnson has not been great this season. He allowed a crucial sack this weekend that was costly. Many Viking fans are calling for his benching.

Orie Lemon (Bucs) - When he isn't being bullied by former OU players Lemon is helping out the Bucs in any way he can. In just his second game with Tampa, Lemon saw more playing time on special teams and continues to impress coaches.

Russell Okung (Seahawks) - DNP (injury)

Tyler Patmon (Cowboys) - A few months ago it was huge deal that Patmon made the roster. A few weeks ago it was a big deal that Patmon saw the field at all. Last week it a was big deal that Patmon played more than 15 snaps. See the trend?

Patmon did more than play against the Cardinals on Sunday: he scored. He returned his FIRST CAREER INTERCEPTION for a touchdown.


Brandon Pettigrew (Lions) - DNP (bye week/injury)

Joseph Randle (Cowboys) - It's been a terrible few weeks October for Joe Randle. Let's do a quick recap.

But hey, all these off the field troubles are worth it because Randle is so productive on the field, right?


This week against Arizona Randle had one attempt for two yards.

For the month of October, Randle carried the ball 12 times for 86 yards.

There are rumors that he may be cut soon.

Antonio Smith (Raiders) - The Raiders are garbage and Smith isn't helping. He had two tackles in a loss to Seattle bringing his season total to 11 tackles.

Josh Stewart (Titans) - DNP (coach's decision)

Lane Taylor (Packers) - BAD BAD BAD. Taylor received a -4.2 grade on 65 snaps this weekend, worst for anyone in the whole game.

Brandon Weeden (Cowboys) - Weeden got his first start in Dallas. It did not go well.

18/33 for 183 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, QBR of 7.5

Last week I was having the time of my life embedding tweets talking about how great Brandon was against Washington. This week I will leave you with one .gif.

THAT BALL IS NEVER EVEN CLOSE TO WITTEN. Dallas fans are praying that Romo comes back soon because their season is down the toilet with Weeden under center.

Kevin Williams (Seahawks) - Williams played OK against Oakland. He had two tackles. He probably should have played better considering they were playing Oakland, but they won so it's whatever.


This is such a good story, folks. The guy wasn't even going to make the team in August and now he is returning interceptions for touchdowns. Football is crazy.

That's all for this week! Make sure you come back next week to see how your favorite Cowboys did in the NFL this week!