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College Football Playoff Update

I've got a pretty good idea who the top four will be, but why do we care?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it's that time of the week where people lose their minds over something that doesn't actually effect their lives. Sure I'm bitter because my team is fighting for a Liberty Bowl bid (quick hint, we won't make it) but I guess this is newsworthy enough to cover. Who do I think will be in (and you have to trust me that I'm doing this before they come out) and who will have the biggest rage-on? (Think hard-on but filled with hate.) Here's my top 4:

1: Mississippi State (this continues to prove there is no God)

2: Florida State (managed to avoid assualting anyone between last Thursday and today)

3: Auburn (War Eagle folks)

4: Texas Christian (the pot smoke will roll thick in Ft. Worth tonight)

and my next 4 (that's the lamest thing I've ever said. I'm sorry):

5: Alabama (but Pauuuuuuuuuul)

6: Oregon (quack quack quack)

7: Michigan State (probably the best one loss team, but Big 10)

8: Kansas State (should probably drop due to lack of competition last week)

So how did I do? Well the actual results are below:

1: Mississippi State

2: Florida State

3: Auburn

4: Oregon

5: Alabama

6: Texas Christian

7: Kansas State

8: Michigan State

9: Arizona State

10: Notre Dame

11: Ole Miss

12: Baylor

13: Nebraska

14: Ohio State

15: Oklahoma

16: Louisiana State

17: Utah

18: UCLA

19: Arizona

20: Georgia

21: Clemson

22: Duke

23: West Virginia

24: Georgia Tech

25: Wisconsin

So I didn't watch this show last week, that is the biggest bunch of cheese I've ever seen. Is it wrong to hope that the terrorist nuke Bristol? I'm not going to do this again, my soul just can't take the crap. Sadly the poll doesn't go far enough to find out where the Pokes rank, but I'd guess it's triple digits.

Go Pokes