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CRFF Roundtable: What Lies Ahead

With a much needed bye week this week our team talks all things Oklahoma State.

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Football is not doing too hot right now, I don't know if you knew that or not. Basketball is starting soon! Not a lot is expected out of this years team, however. Look at it this way, 2 months until 2015! Here is a conglomeration of our staff's thoughts on the state of OSU athletics. Warning: A lot of unhappy people.

CORY TREECE: "When does basketball start?"

KING: "Does anyone still care about football? I don't even think the coaches or players do."

EVAN JONES: "I'll still watch what part of the games I can, but I don't care too much what happens."

POKELAHOMA: "I think I watched a quarter...knowing the outcome doesn't make sports fun. Our line is even worse than most people think and I'm worried it does not seem to be getting better."

GUNTER SHARP: "For the first time that I can remember, I spend more time looking at the computer or talking to those around me than I do actually watching the game. I bet I watched fewer than 50 plays (including defense) the other night. From 2006-2013, I didn't miss one. It's happened over the last 4 games too."

ME: "I don't know how much more or these games I can take."

TAYLOR YORK: "Look, I'm down in the team just like everyone else, but there is so much upside for this team. If they can find a way to get out of this "limit hill's touches" mindset, they can succeed. The coaches are holding everything back. Plays, players, everything. If they can play ball control football with less mistakes, they will be a able to beat a mediocre Texas team.

Baylor and OU will be unwatchable. However, This team is just average enough (66 out of 128 in F+) to beat another average team in Texas."

POKELAHOMA: "Sorry I politely disagree...this offensive line is so bad it doesn't matter. How can we play ball control when we can't count on 4 yards a carry? I'm really beginning to think next year might not be great either."

GERALD TRACY III: "The line seems to work when it wants to. For example, Tyreek was having room like hell for a half, but then when we passed it was a whole new situation."

CORY TREECE: "If UT scores more than 14 points on OSU it's over...."

TAYLOR YORK: "Oh, this isn't getter better unless we get rid of these coordinators. Playing for next year is garbage. OSU will suck in 2015 too. What have we seen to think otherwise? If anyone thinks that another summer camp going to fix anything, they are dreaming. The players athleticism will keep us above the ISU and KU's in 2015 in spite of the terrible coaching they will receive over the next 9 months.

Let me try to rephrase all of that.

This team has a ton of upside. They could do great if the coaches put the right prices in the right places. If this team is firing on all cylinders they could battle the rest of the way.  We all know the coaches aren't doing that, and I don't expect that to change any time soon. On the other hand, if we focus on the positives, I think it's pretty easy to see that OSU can beat a mediocre Texas team.

So let me ask you this: Are you all so done with this team to think there is zero chance of success?"

KING: "I'll never be done with the Pokes, I'll watch every game that's televised this season, but I feel we have a less than 5% chance of beating Texas, and the only way we beat Bebe's kids or the goons is if they forfeit."

POKELAHOMA: "I'm so done with the most important part of the team, the line, that yes....we're doomed. Lineman aren't like skill position players. They take at least a year to develop. Look at where our focus is in recruiting. Even the coaches know it sucks right now."

CORY TREECE: "Also doesn't help that we had almost no experience at line coming into this season."

JOSH POTEET: "I hope that we get blown out in every game remaining. Only then will Yurcich be gone for sure."

TAYLOR YORK: "The silver lining."

ME: "The beat downs we're taking are tough to watch, don't get me wrong I'm going to watch every game from here on out but its rough."

GERALD TRACY III: "I'll still watch."

KING: "If we lose to Texas by double digits, Baylor by 50 plus, I won't watch Bedlam. Football is my escape from work, and this season I'd rather be at work."

ME: "I think we can beat Texas but our offense is going to have to do SOMETHING. Texas' D is really good but their offense's badness rivals our offense's badness. Baylor and OU is going to be ugly."

GERALD TRACY III: "I know it's terrible, but I'm praying for some kind of injury to either Baylor or OU so it won't be as bad."

ME: "I'm pretty sure they could play their backups and still win."

GERALD TRACY III: "I said as bad...."

GUNTER SHARP: "I actually wouldn't mind getting thrashed by Baylor and Texas if it meant we'd somehow beat OU."

KING: "I would 100% rather beat Baylor. I hate Oklahoma the way everybody hates their rivals. I wish bad things personally on every Baylor player and fan. Their continued existence offends both God and man, and they have no place in a decent society. They are the Nazis of college football, an entity to be destroyed."

SCHULTZY: "It definitely would be fun to ruin their season."

GERALD TRACY III: "That and Baylor has only beaten us like three times since '94."

POKELAHOMA: "King, I'm glad I'm not the only one. They're underhanded evil people. They lie in your face and stab you in the back to get ahead...and if that doesn't work they moan and complain outright. Art Briles is an asshole who gets away with it because he talks like he dropped out of fourth grade."

KING: "It's sad that in the history of the AP poll only 42 teams have ever been number one, and OU is above everybody."

EVAN JONES: "I'm going to say what I've said all year and I still believe 100%. If Walsh was healthy, we'd be winning some games. I've heard 7,000 times that he does t have an arm. Got it. But what he has is experience, play making ability, mental and physical toughness, and the ever so talked about leadership. I think our biggest problem is our O line, but only by a shred over our QB.

I'm guessing Chris, Robert, and King are the only other ones who, as students or adults, suffered through teams who'd be considering this season a huge accomplishment. So I will continue watching and supporting our boys, but with the understanding that we are a young, inexperienced team who is going to be so inconsistent it hurts.

I also am willing to bet that next season, half of the O line will be JuCo guys we sign this spring.

Also, don't write off Bedlam. That game is as unpredictable as a drunk monkey with a handgun. Anything could happen.
Lastly, my silver lining is that we have a chance to be really good next year (especially with our schedule), and possibly dominant the next."

DEREK HATRIDGE: "Hence why that name, Bedlam fits so perfectly."

GERALD TRACY III: "I'm not saying we won't be better next year, but how do we know? Walsh is good, but not a Big 12 contender good in my opinion, Daxx will be out of picture so who do we know will be great? Rudolph, the guy we haven't seen? I think we have the CHANCE to be great next year, but the pieces have to fall. The favorable schedule should also help."

CHRIS ROSS: "Am I the only one more worried about Baylor than Bedlam? I mean, I'm slightly scared over how bad the Bears want to utterly destroy Oklahoma State.

Bedlam though, eh. I don't really care.

I'll begrudgingly watch the Pokes get dismantled as I curse Yurcich, Wickline, and anyone else I can rationally (well, what constitutes as rational after consuming large amounts of alcohol) blame the season on. But as the final whistle blows, OU students spill onto the field, and misspelled logos (even though it's just two letters) fly off the shelves at WalMart, I'll simply turn off my TV and smile. Smile, because while everyone donning crimson and white-but-we'll-call-it-cream emphatically brags that Oklahoma State isn't a rival while pointing at Bedlam's overall record, rabid celebrations across the trailer parks of Oklahoma will tell a different story.

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for the Oklahoma program. The Sooners will be deservingly favored, and if they have a linebacker than can manage to stumble over the line of scrimmage then there's little hope for the Pokes. Oklahoma State just isn't any good, and everyone knows it. Well, except Sooner "fans". The ones that haven't bailed after their playoff dreams were dashed are going to celebrate like their very sense of self worth depended on the game. You know, because Oklahoma State doesn't matter. I could be wrong though, maybe they'll just be really happy that the Big 12 refs won't have to bail them out again this year.

The point is we all know what to expect from Bedlam. Sure we all have friends on the other side that manage to be decent human beings throughout the week. To those fans we are grateful, and have nothing but respect. We also know however, that other few are out there. Waiting to tarnish the brand of OU. Like the cashier at Walmart that shakes her keys in the frightened face of a little boy in orange trying to chant out the devil that must be inside, or the middle age man that spits on little girls that dare support the Cowboys, or the co-worker down the hall that feels the need to relentlessly explain to you that Oklahoma has a tradition of winning and holds national titles in a sport that matters. You know, because the thought that we're OSU fans for something other than how often the team wins, never even crossed their mind.

And there it is. The reason I won't care when the Cowboys fall to the Sooners. Maybe the only benefit of this season is knowing the chances of winning are slim. Once you accept that, it makes it much easier to sit back and smile as Sooner Nation celebrates being able to support OU for another season."

I completely agree with Chris, and think it is the truth. Let the Bedlam trash talk start early this's not like we have anything else to play for. Give us your thoughts on our thoughts and the issues in the comments! Enjoy the off week and Go Pokes!