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One week left and Bedlam on our plate. Not sure what next week's Power Poll might look like as King and I will still be recovering from whatever happens in Bedlam, so enjoy this one.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Can you believe it? Man, did this season go fast.


1. TCU

I really hope you make the playoff. That's right, I'm not rooting for the Baptists.

2. KState

Snyder does it with class.

3. OU

I hate thugs more than I hate OU.

4. Texas

I really miss the game with A&M on Friday of Thanksgiving.

5. WVU

I've watched better teams fail to escape Ames.

6. OSU

Pretty please?

7. Tech

You do realize the football can't transmit a virus, right? It's ok to hold on to it. Imagine if you had.

8. KU

After a brief glimpse of something other than KU football, you reverted.

9. Iowa St

You showed a lot of fight. We're proud of you.

10. Baylor

Your program and coach tolerate, and for all I know promote, thuggish and punkish behavior. I've watched a ton of Big 12 football, and I don't recall seeing that kind of "stuff" from any other program with the frequency with which it comes from yours. Until some action is taken by the program or coach to address this, you will be last in this poll. You don't even really deserve to be here, either, and you surely don't deserve to represent this conference as its champion.


1: TCU

Frogs keep on keeping on, one game left to impress. Should send ole miss a nice fruit basket.

2: KSU

One shot, one opportunity to save the world from the new Miami.

3: Baylor

The new Miami.

4: OU

That Kansas game probably took a lot out of them, it's hard for lineman to make that many trips up the field.

5: Texas

Didnt look so hot on Turkey day.

6: West Virginia

Tried to lose to the clones, couldn't.

7: OSU

Didnt play, didn't drop. Or maybe we did, I just can't remember last week.

8: TTU

Tried to win, failed.

9: Kansas

Those rivalry games are a real bitch.

10: ISU

Is the season over yet?