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#CRFFWhatWeLearned Bedlam Edition

As we all continue to ride the Bedlam victory wave into the middle of the week, the game taught us a lot more about the program's future than just one game. So, what did you the fans learn? Let's find out!

Mason Rudolph makes a pass during OSU's 38-35 Bedlam victory.
Mason Rudolph makes a pass during OSU's 38-35 Bedlam victory.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys marched into Norman, and won. They tripped a few times, and fell over a couple more, and almost coughed up the ball for the last time this season, but they got back up after a running into the kicker penalty, and continued to march, 97 yards, to the house. Tyreek Hill's electric punt return may have given the entire program new life, as it propelled the Cowboys to their 9th straight bowl game. The 38-35 victory is one to remember for awhile, as a challenged group of kids put it together, when they could have quit. They put it together, at just the right time. So what did we learn from that performance?

Well, you guessed it...

This applies to every #CRFFWhatWeLearned this season...

Pretty much, yeah. Totally. Yup. Yep. Mhhhmmmm. Yahs. Yes.

He has to be right, or else how would he know how fast he had to run?


Well, maybe for the next 3 years...

Preach, Robert!

It would be the best Special Teams Unit in all of history.

I thought this was the most offensively potent group we've had since 2005. (lol)

OU is three points worse than OSU when they have their worst team since 2005, a third string freshman QB, and one of the youngest secondaries in the nation. But that's none of my business...

So with this win, the Cowboys advance to the Cactus Bowl to play Washington. I believe OSU wins this game 38-21, behind 3 Mason Rudolph TD passes. The Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the year, Emmanuel Ogbah, will have 3 sacks. This game is THE momentum game moving forward for the program. I believe a win in this game will propel OSU to at least two 10 win seasons out of the next 3, based off the play of Mason Rudolph. Have a great holliday season AND SOAK UP ALLLLLLL OF THE OU TEARS!