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Hurry, Friday Is The Last Day To Order A T-Shirt & Get It By Christmas!

There's not much time left to order T-shirts and get them delivered before the holiday!

If you want to get T-shirts in time for the holiday, you have to order by this Friday!

It takes a little bit of time to process the orders and print the t-shirts, especially when demand is this high, so here's a couple of things to know. If you want an item delivered by Christmas, you'll need to choose the "Hurry" or "Rush Guaranteed" speed option. GameDay Depot prioritizes "Hurry" orders over regular orders and tries to ship them within 5 business days. However they don't guarantee it, so there is a chance it won't arrive in time, so don't wait until the last minute.

"Rush Guaranteed" orders will ship within 5 business days or we will refund the rush fee. The guys at GameDay Depot are fantastic, and they always do everything they can to make it happen.

BONUS! Friday is a Free Shipping Holiday!

Here's what GameDay Depot sent over:

Yeah, Free Shipping Day is a real thing. For off-the-shelf ecommerce shops, the holiday is Thursday, 12/18/14. For us, because we have to print the product, we're holding Free Shipping Day this Friday, 12/12/14. Tell your readers they can use the code SBNFREESHIP any time on Friday to get free shipping on their entire order.

How great is that?! Don't forget to use the promo code: SBNFREESHIP

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