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Tyreek Hill Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

Just when the year seemed to turn around for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, something bad comes back up.

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When will people learn? Late Thursday running back Tyreek Hill was arrested on charges of domestic abuse.

This is never good. No matter who you are, there is absolutely no reason for this. According to Ryan Sharp at NewsOK, Tyreek Hill's girlfriend was admitted and cared for at the Stillwater Medical Center Emergency room where she told police she and Hill had gotten into a fight. She told the police she was hit in the face, stomach and had been choked by Hill.

This comes only six days after Tyreek Hill returned a 92-yard punt return against the Sooners for what would help put the Cowboys over OU for only the 18th time in school history, making him a local hero. However, this situation will likely keep him out of future athletic events with the team.

Hill could face one to three years in prison and/or a $3,000 fine. He was arrested based on probably cause but the police say the victims records of the incident reflect her injuries.

This could mean that OSU be without their fastest player in the Cactus Bowl. But right now that's not what should matter here. That's all we have for now. The story will be updated when we get more.


Tyreek Hill is scheduled to appear in Payne County court today for arraignment at 1:45 p.m.

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