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Tyreek Hill's Girlfriend Concerned About Pregnancy After Alleged Domestic Violence Attack

Oklahoma State RB Tyreek Hill was arrested after allegedly strangling and punching his girlfriend, and now it appears she may be pregnant.

Tyreek Hill is being accused of strangling and punching the victim in a case of domestic violence. In case that isn't bad enough, As reported by the Tulsa World,  according to the police report, the woman told an investigator that she was eight weeks pregnant with Tyreek Hill's child.

She was "very concerned about her pregnancy due to Hill punching her in the stomach," an investigator wrote in a report.

The woman said her relationship began with Hill in June and that there had been physical altercations before the incident Thursday, according to the report. But the woman said it had not been as violent: "just a lot of man handling but Hill has never hit her," the report stated.

Such a sad, sad deal.