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Play The 2014-15 Cowboys Ride For Free Bowl Pick 'Em Contest & Win!

The 2014-15 CRFF Bowl Pick 'Em Contest is here, and there's prizes to be won thanks to Mission Belt Co. and Gameday Depot! How 'confident' are you that you can pick all the bowl game winners?

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The 2014-15 Cowboys Ride For Free Bowl Challenge is here, and there are prizes to be won! Yes, there will be prizes! CRFF, in partnership with Mission Belt Co. and GameDay Depot, will be offering prizes detailed below!

1st & 2nd Place Winners Will Receive An OSU Branded Mission Belt!

Oklahoma State Mission Belts

Mission Belt Co. has very generously offered to give away two of their revolutionary no-holes Oklahoma State branded belts valued at $54.95 each! First and second place winners will be able to select their preference on size and color, and Mission Belt will ship it right to the winners' front door!

The officially licensed collegiate collection from Mission Belt features an imprinted team logo and name on the buckle under a clear acrylic finish. Genuine leather strap with protective coating and the interior houses a special track which is part of the unique no-holes perfect fit system. The buckle can be detached from the leather strap so you can always trim it down to size.

Unfortunately not everyone can be a winner, but the great news is you can buy your very own OSU Mission Belt by clicking here! The best part? Mission Belt is a socially responsible company, and it's their 'Mission' (get it!) to help end poverty. A dollar from every Mission Belt sold goes to fight global poverty through micro lending! This is an incredible company with an incredible product! Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter (@MissionBeltCo) and Facebook (/MissionBeltCo).

3rd, 4th & 5th Place Winners Will Receive The CRFF Designed T-Shirt Of Their Choice From Gameday Depot!

GameDay Depot CRFF T-Shirts

Gameday Depot has offered to give away three T-shirts! The 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners will be able to select the T-shirt design of their choice, along with desired size and color!  I can speak from experience when I say, not only are they fantastically comfy T-Shirts, but Gameday Depot is a great company. These guys will bend over backwards for the customer!

Once the winners have selected their shirts, Gameday Depot will custom print them, and ship them straight to the winners!

All custom products are printed digitally using state of the art direct-to-garment printing methods and are produced on demand as they are ordered. They generally ship within 10 business days

Be sure to check out all the T-Shirts we have available, and give GameDay Depot a follow on Twitter (@GamedayDepot) and Facebook (/GamedayDepot)!

Fantastic, I'm In! Just Tell Me How To Win!

The Bowl Challenge this year is being hosted by Yahoo! If you don't already have a Yahoo account you'll need to set one up. If you already have a Yahoo! account skip down to 'Join the CRFF Bowl Challenge Group'

Creating a Yahoo! account is quick and easy. Just follow these few steps.

  1. Click here to create a Yahoo! account
  2. Click the blue 'Create New Account' button
  3. Fill out your name, desired username, password, and birthday.
  4. Click submit!

Join The CRFF Bowl Challenge Group Hosted By Yahoo!

In order to win, your picks have to be submitted to the CRFF group. Joining the Group is easy.

  1. Click here to join the CRFF Bowl Challenge Group
  2. Enter the Group ID: 10449
  3. Enter the Password: gopokes

Once you have an account with Yahoo!, and you've joined the group, you'll be able to access the group from this link.

While SB Nation and Cowboys Ride For Free contributors, editors, staff, and their family members may participate in the Pick 'Em contest, they are NOT eligible to win prizes.

How To Play Confidence Picks

Playing confidence pick 'em is a lot of fun, because it's not just as simple as selecting game winners. You're also assigning a weight to each of the games. First, you'll want to go through the list of bowl games and select who you think is going to win each game. Second, and this is when the twist comes in, you'll probably find that some games are harder to pick than others. That's okay, because that's where your 'confidence' is going to come into play. If you feel strongly that one team will win the game, you'll want to assign that game a higher number of points. If you're struggling to decide who you think will win, you'll want to assign that game a fewer amount of points. If the teams you selected wins, then you receive the number of points you assigned to that game. So theoretically, Player A could select more games correctly than Player B, but Player B could have more total points than Player A if Player B won more of the game they assigned higher points to.  Here's how the game works:

  1. There are 39 bowl games, so you have numbers 1-39 to assign to each game. You cannot assign the same number twice.
  2. The game you are most confident on predicting the winner should be given the number 39. Then, if the team you selected wins, you will receive 39 points. The game you are second most confident in should be assigned the number 38. Then you would receive 38 point if the team you selected wins the game. Continue that pattern all the way down, assigning the game you are least confident in the winner the number 1.

The Official Rules

2014-15 College Football Bowl Pick 'Em Rules